Friday, May 31, 2013

Sessy Kitty

Well, summer vacation is officially here.  I'm glad for the more relaxing schedule, but I know that by the time school starts, I will be soooooo ready for C to be back in school.  I think Cade is finally getting old enough to do chores every day; I remember that when I was his age and all through elementary/junior high, I had to do a chore(s) every day during the summer before I could play with friends.  I think I'm going to do the same thing with him, though I swear he's being more of a butt about it than I would have dared to with my mom!  Today he had to put away his clean laundry, and after much consternation, he finally did it.  Geez.  It's not even that big of a deal - putting away a few shirts?  When I was a kid, I had to like garden and mow the lawn and crap.  He has no idea how easy he has it!

I'm a little bummed, because right now I should be in sunny St. Geezy with my mom and sisters, but had to bow out of the trip this time around because tomorrow, at 8 pm, I have an appt with Taylor that I can't miss.  An appt with the Miss Taylor Swift!  LOL I'm slightly embarrassed to admit how much I like her.  :)  Brandon and I have been planning on going to her RED concert for ages, and I decided that missing the trip was worth it.  So I'll get my adolescent angsty teen on for a night.  :)  Why not, I say!

I'm also super proud of myself, because I swear that today is like the first day in a lonnnnggggg time (longer than I care to admit) that my ENTIRE house has been clean at once.  Usually, the downstairs will be clean, but the kid's room will be a mess, or vice versa - the upstairs is clean, while the downstairs is all cluttered.  But I spent a huge chunk of my day yesterday and today getting everything all clean at once.  And it feels good!  Pry won't last long, with two little stinkers running around, but I'll bask in the cleanliness while I can.

Photo - this photo makes me laugh.  Bobbi just sat like that, for a good 5 minutes - I mean, she was practically begging me to take a photo!  I posted it to Instagram, and my favorite comment I got from it was "Draw me like one of your French girls."  Oh Bobbi, you and your desire to do porn...

Hope everyone is looking forward to the summer and has some really awesome plans happening.  I am okay, still pregnant, still need a yard, yadda yadda, just not much to say, hence this boring post, but thought I might as well update anyway.


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bri said...

Love bobbis sexy come hither pose. Lol. Why can't I still live in UT so I can come see you. I miss thee mucho! Xoxo