Friday, May 24, 2013

My Little Grad

Cade's graduation was awesome today.  It's funny; people talk about how they cry on the first day of school, or cry at a graduation or something, and I never got it.  I never did.  Like, why would I cry on the first day of school when Cade is going to be away from me for a few hours every day and I get a break?  I mean seriously - I just don't get it!  I love Cade, but I love breaks, too, right, so why cry?  But, I'll tell you, this graduation got me.  It all started during the program, when Cade and his classmates started singing "What a Wonderful World."  I've always loved that song; it's even on my wedding video.  I think the lyrics are beautiful and idyllic and they always give me hope.  And then, during the ceremony, as Cade was walking up to get his diploma, the teacher was announcing to everyone what each child wanted to be when they grew up.  Apparently, all Cade wanted to be when he grew up was to be like his dad.  That got me choked up too!  And as Cade was walking back to his seat, with diploma in hand, as he passed us, he just gave Brandon this spontaneous hug - a big giant bear hug, and he was grinning from ear to ear.  Caden is not much of a touchy feely kid, especially in front of large crowds, so that was completely unexpected too.  I think it made Brandon's whole year.

So I got choked up again then, too.  I just thought it was so sweet that Cade only wants to be like his daddy when he grows up, and that he would be perfectly content with that.  And that is okay with me, too - I think Brandon is pretty cool.  :)

So, yeah, the program was great.  Afterwards, to celebrate, I took Cade to McDonald's and told him he could get a happy meal AND a chocolate shake - that's a big deal around here!  Then I took him to the park and met up with my sisters, and he is playing to his heart's content tonight with his cousin, then Brandon is going to have a sleepover with him tonight and play video games (snore) with him.  So, I think he's had a good day.  :)

Cade's come so far this year, and I think that's why I was a little emotional, too.  I can't believe that my oldest is going into first grade next blows me away.  I used to worry about Cade a lot; with his anxiety and social problems, but I almost don't worry at all anymore.  He is bright and sweet and social and completely acclimated.  To think how much he's changed for the better in even just a stuns me.  Last year at this time, I knew that Cade was repeating Kindergarten, but I was terribly worried about him.  He hated school, would hardly participate in class, and was grumpy and anxious all the time.  Now, he is happy and carefree and the little social butterfly in our neighborhood.  All the kids flock to him to be their leader, and they all want to play with him.  He is excelling in school and completely keeping up or even surpassing all the other kids his age with his school work.  I think this move has been so good for him.  In a lot of ways I wonder if the sole reason we felt like we just NEEDED to move out here was for him.  Cade is thriving here.  And that makes me really, really happy.  :)

Love my C boy.  Can't wait to have another little man, just like him.  <3 p="">


Colleen said...

congrats to caden! :)
i'm so happy for him, and you, that he is thriving so well in the new place!
it sounds like he is worlds better off for repeating Kinder, and he is going to rock 1st grade! :)
and honestly - i have seen SO many parents cry at graduations, even for pre-schoolers, so you're totally in the norm

Sarah Hope said...

Huge congratulations! To you and to Cade! It takes a good mama to know that sometimes a kid just needs a little more time to get going---and look it him graduating and moving on with such love and support from you! Your family is LUCKY and BLESSED to have you!

Jonny and Haley said...

Congrats to Cade (and to you and Brandon)! I love the picture of him with his diploma. He's such a handsome kid.

Michelle said...

It could be the pregnancy hormones, but I'm totally with you on the crying thing. I never cried sending my oldest to either year of preschool, but last week I was helping on the day they were PRACTICING for their preschool graduation and I was totally crying.