Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baby R in 4D

I had an ultrasound done last week, and the tech took a few really awesome shots of the man chicken in 4D.  I'd actually NEVER had a 4D ultrasound with any of my previous babes, so I was super stoked to see the little guy this way.  I actually think 3D/4D ultrasounds make the baby look really creepy, but when it's your own kid, you just tend to ooh and aah and not be like, yeah, that's freaky - at least, not quite as much.  :)

Baby R looked great in the ultrasound - his heart and brain and other organs looked perfect, and he is nearly a pound already!  He is growing perfectly on track.  I've also passed the point where I lost Kendall, so while of course there is still an awful risk of losing him, because there always is, for every woman, and the risk is a bit higher for me, since I've already lost a baby late in pregnancy, I do feel relieved that awful milestone is over.

Also, just because I'm posting about the baby, thought I'd throw in my 21 week belly shot:


allegri said...

Sexy mama! He is going to be the cutest little dude! I am so glad you are doing well! Is good to see a real smile on ya!

bri said...

Gorgeous!!! Xoxo