Friday, May 10, 2013


Man, life has kind of sucked lately.  Remember that adorable kitten maternity shirt and peg pants I was so excited about in my last post?  Well, they both were a total fail.  Both were HUGE on me!  Dang UK sizes!  I was so disappointed.  No cute kitty shirt for me, except maybe I'll make it a jammy shirt.  But such a waste of such a cute kitten!  :(

This has seriously been the longest week ever.  I've been so blue.  Just kind of sad and quiet and kindasortaweepy...I don't know.  Been rough.  Kind of a hard spot in the pregnancy because it is around the time I lost I get super paranoid and worrisome.  Everything looks great still for this pregnancy, but it is still a giant worry of mine.

I am happy spring is here...and that the warm weather is hitting fast!  That helps my mood.  But we still have no grass in my yard, so if the kids go out and play, they get really muddy or dusty and track it into my house.  I just want grasssssss.  Please!  Rah!

I feel so down about the way I look.  My giant prego body, my ugly everything else...gah...I know I sound awfully boring and pessimistic!  I'm sorry - must be my giant baby hormones.

Anyway.  So, just UGH.


Sarah Hope said...

So I googled kitten maternity t-shirt, because I think you should have one...apparently the list of them is epic. But here's one cute one:,236003197?aid=2321&utm_content=10463747&utm_medium=affiliate&PID=6673042&utm_campaign=none&utm_source=cj&utm_term=2074225

That's the longest link in the history of links. I'm so sorry!

Lou said...

Sorry things have been sucky lately. I have ordered from ASOS maternity too, and the sizes were a bit weird. Not great when you already feel huge and pregnant! Hope things start to improve for you soon :)

Colleen said...

I'm so sad for you about the kitty shirt :(... at least you can use it as a bed shirt, so your family knows how cool it is :)

Mila looks absolutely 100% adorable in her swim suit. so cute.