Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Nerdiest Maternity Outfit Ever

So, I've lamented a lot this pregnancy that all my pregnancy clothes are lame and boring and run-of-the-mill and too mom'ish, and I've hated having to dress myself every morning because I always feel like I look ugly and fat and uncool.

So I've been on the prowl for some cuter, more trendy maternity clothes.  I've found some pretty good stuff at Gap; scored some purpley/blue and coral skinny jeans, and a few other shirts, and H&M has some awesome skinny jeans that I absolutely love for pretty cheap...

But I still didn't feel content...
And then I realized why...


The hunt was on!  I finally found just what I was looking for in a UK based online store that has a TON of maternity options,

So, this is just what I ordered:

Here's the kitten shirt,

and, to go with it, I ordered these peg leg pants.

Okay, I know, peg leg pants?  Really Brie?  But honestly, I think they're kind of cute, and I know that if I wait to get a pair until I'm not pregnant anymore, then the trend will probably have come and gone by then, and I'll never get to try my hand at dressing like MC Hammer.

So they're in the mail, and I cannot wait!  I've had my eye on this kitten shirt for awhile, and when it finally went on sale, I decided to nab it.

I have a feeling that, like 10 years from now, my kids are going to see a picture of me in my kitten shirt, peg leg pants, sportin a baby bump, and they will shriek and ask me what the heck I was doing, and be terribly embarrassed by me.  I can't wait.  :D

Picture of outfit to come...


Colleen said...

I actually laughed out loud when I scrolled and saw the kitty shirt - and I mean that in a nice laughing way! I had this big cartoon kitten pictured in my head, and I just love the life-like kitty. It's perfect!
And let's be real - it wouldn't matter what we wore, we'll look back in 10 years and cringe. May I remind you of the crimping hair phase we all went through in the 90s?
You'll be a hot preggo mama ;)

brie said...

Haha. Don't you love how the kitten is peeking out of the pocket? :)

allegri said...

HAHA. I can see your kitties rolling in festivities of love over that shirt! I really like that second shirt. It is totally adorbs for prego. I am saving it for (many) years down the line when I need one! And PregLegs, totally! I pretty much only wear leggings unless I am at work! haha.