Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Time

It's kind of funny, because this pregnancy has both gone by soooooo fast and sooooooo slowly.  I think, though, that of all my pregnancies, this one has gone by the fastest, and I anticipate that the last few months are going to fly by even more.  It is crazy to me that Cade only has one week left of school - I swear it was only yesterday that he was once again traipsing off to Kindergarten.  Tomorrow he has a little graduation ceremony at his school, and I am SO excited to go - it means even more to me, because Lil C has worked so hard to be where he is, and I couldn't be happier that he excelled this year in school and will be moving on to first grade next year with a worry-free mom.  I anticipate taking a lot of photos tomorrow, so be on the lookout for a post to come.  Cade even told me he had a speaking part at the graduation - and he is so excited!

Not sure yet what my summer is going to hold.  I know we'll be working on the yard a ton, but really, I don't have much else planned!  I think that before I get too giant and exhausted and hugely pregnant, I want to take the kids swimming a lot, because of course I love the pool and I love the sun.  I think that by August, I won't want to waddle myself to the pool, so I'll try to take advantage of it more in June and July.  I'm sad we don't have grass yet, because I would love more than anything to be able to just send the kids out in the yard to play and to get away from my side, but alas, not yet.  Landscaping an entire yard, especially a .5 acre lot, is soooo expensive, so we're just making our way a little at a time and doing some here and there as we have the time and money.  Our HOA has given us a deadline that the yard has to be finished by the last day of September, so ultimately by then, the basics at least should be done - curbing, grass, shrubs and plants and trees, etc.

I really need a new hobby or something.  Seriously - if any of you have ideas for things I could do to occupy my time during the day, I am all ears!  Of course there is the obligatory cooking and cleaning I do each day, but especially now that summer is fast approaching and I am going to be having a lot of time home with the kids, I want to find something I can do that is fun and that occupies time and that ideally doesn't really cost much money.  Of course I have reading, and I have writing, though I'm not doing much of that now - but does blogging count? - but what else?  I wish I was good at crafting or scrapbooking or something, but it seems that whenever I try to do homemakery stuff like that it ends up looking like garbage and pissing me off!  Hum.  I am glad that summer is here and that I'll have a break from the schedules and the early mornings, etc, but I also don't want to spend the entire time in my house and all hot and grumpy because I'm bored.  Any ideas?

Anyway, I suppose that's all for today.  I am off to nosh on some red and yellow peppers dipped in a delicious cream cheese dip - my new favorite snack!  Baby R seems to want me to only eat food that is going to make me giant and clog my arteries, so I'm fighting back with at least some semi-healthy food consumption too.  Seriously, Dunford Donuts, the one with the pretty colorful sprinkles...if I could eat a dozen of you a day, I would!


allegri said...

gardening! super fun, easy, unfortunately buying into is alot but every year it gets cheaper! and homegrown veggies are awesome. The pass of all passes is also a great deal to get the kids out of the house!

Colleen said...

i love that you're trying to blog more :) i'll keep checking back :)

bri said...

I love the more frequent blogs and I love u!!!!

simonattic said...

I'm not sure if this would be considered a hobby, but I absolutely love going to garage sales during the summer. Look up garage sales on Craigslist in your area and spend time looking for cheap stuff that you might need/want. :). My 2 year old even loves doing it.

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