Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Big Growth

Thought I'd document a picture of me at 22 weeks:

Brandon commented last week that my stomach looked sooooo much bigger, just overnight.  I hadn't thought much about it, but when I looked in the mirror, I realized that I looked way more pregnant than I even had a couple days earlier.  Later that day we went to a BBQ, and several of my family members all talked about how big I suddenly looked!  And...I think the baby is just growing like crazy right now, because I have been super tired and I've been getting a lot of braxton hicks contractions, and feeling kind of tight and crampy.  (Not crampy like I'm going into labor, just achy and grow-y and tired!)  Anyway, I know this is my 5th (YES FIFTH) pregnancy, so I'm going to show faster and get bigger faster, but I just have to say that for only being as far as I am, I am kinda stunned that I am this big!  Kind of embarrassed I can't like say I'm 7 months to account for the hugeness, but oh well.  :)

Happy 22 weeks Baby R!


Krista said...

You look fabulous and it's all baby! I feel huge this round too.

Colleen said...

i love the baby belly! it means he is growing big and strong to be an awesome little brother :)
you look great! i get the uncomfy part, but it's so worth it