Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Recognizing a Little Miracle

I had some amazing news today, that is really like a little miracle in my life, and I thought I should share:

Things have been tough lately, because I have been thinking and worrying that I was going to have to quit treatment with my current therapist and dietitian, because they are not covered by my insurance.  Paying for them out of pocket is EXTREMELY expensive, and we just can't do it anymore.  I have been looking for other providers, but I've been terrified, and frankly HEARTSICK about it.  I know that right now, in the middle of my pregnancy, when things are crazy and up in the air, that switching treatment teams would be a really bad thing for me to do right now.

Photo - Brandon and I went with some friends to the Taylor Swift RED concert on Saturday night.  It was amazing!  Here are a few pics:

So I talked to my therapist about all this last week, told her how upset I was but that I was afraid I had to find a new team, and she has been helping me to see what we can do to make things work so that I can still see her.

So, we started the process of filing for a single case agreement - which basically means that if the insurance were to approve a SCA for me to see my therapist, they would basically let me see her and treat her as an in network provider, for me only, even though normally, she is out of network.  My T told me that this process can take months, and it is usually only approved by constantly hassling the insurance and bugging them so much  that they finally just give in and approve it.

I was not very hopeful about this option, but it really seemed the only thing we had left to try, so I called my insurance today, told them I wanted to start the process of applying for a SCA, and I asked them where I was supposed to begin.  They told me that my therapist needed to call them and give them information about my case, and basically tell them why she was providing me with a service that one of their in network providers would not be able to do.

So I contacted her, asked her to call the insurance and do this when she had some free time.  And...two hours later, I get an email from her, telling me that the SCA got approved!!  She said that in all her years of doing this, she had NEVER had it happen so easily, and with just a simple and quick phone call.  She made quite a compelling case though, and explained that we had a long history (4 years) and that me switching therapists right now would be extremely detrimental to my recovery.

Photo - the best and I at the splash pad today, letting our kids run around and get out some energy.  We are both pregnant and soooooo hot!

But I'm just...floored.  Amazed.  I was led to believe that this would be a long and drawn out and painful process, and that it likely wouldn't pan out - and here is this wonderful miracle that happened - it was approved and happened all in the matter of just a couple hours.

I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but this is saving us literally thousands of dollars, and I STRONGLY believe that it is going to continue to help me with my recovery.  So, I just wanted to give a shout out to God for giving me this really cool blessing today.  It's so awesome when things just work out, isn't it?  Prayers definitely answered.

Photo - Mila today, eatin a banana and watching some Spongebob.


Elissa said...

I am so glad that you were able to work something out with your insurance! I am also so glad that you are blogging more. Every time I see a new post I get excited. I hope everything is going fantastically and your children are super cute. That photo of Mila is simply adorable. Lastly, I don't think I ever congratulated you on the new bun in the oven but CONGRATS!

katiemacgregor said...

wahoo! yay god! he's cool like that. sometimes i forget that, too. that actually, he LOVES blessing the crap out of us. it's his favourite thing to do. that whole 'ask & it shall be given, knock & the door will be opened...' sometimes it really is that simple. when god moves...he moves.

ahhh, i'm so happy for you right now! yippee!

Colleen said...

what an awesome blessing. I love how God really answers our prayers and shows us how much He loves us and wants us to succeed.
So happy for you!

Krista said...

That is great! I had a similar experience when I was working with E a few years ago and she left CFC, only we had to call the insurance a billion times. I'm very happy for you!

KC said...

1. CONGRATS on the insurance victory, that's incredible!! 2. JEALOUS of the Taylor Swift truck. And tix. I want both. 3. You look radiant!

Stephanie D said...

I love this... And I can't think of anyone I would rather have a shot for this to work out than you. I know that due to the years of work that you have put in with her, and just because I know you both... I know that having her is in your best interest (like that therapy term thrown in there?)
That and I would not want to be the person that tried to deny Green Eyes anything... Even over the phone...

Smiling big over here for you

emo said...

So glad things worked out for you! Jealous that u guys gotta go to Taylor Swift. Brooklyn and I love her!
That pic of Milan is darling. She looks older. She is growing fast!

emo said...

Mila... Darn auto correct thing!

emo said...

I mean darn...see it did it again...or I fat fingered it.