Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It seems I have been tagged. And because my life is currently as boring as American Idol is when all four judges critique each singer for 8 minutes EACH, I thought I might as well do this little gem fer ya:

3 Random thoughts I’ve had today:
1. I want to meet Rachel in Beaver.
2. Today I am SpongeBrie Baggy Pants.
3. I think my pee pee smells like beefy noodles.

3 good things that have happened today:
1. I found the contract for A____ Memorial Hospital. My boss was going to eat me if I didn’t. So phew.
2. The DOW is back in the 7,000’s. Go stocks! Woohoo!
3. I’m quite enjoying (and very surprisingly) the Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry flavor of soda. Didn’t think it’d whet my whistle this morning, but turned it out totally hit my spot!

3 bad things that have happened today:
1. I woke up with a swollen eye. Fuzzy memory here, but I think my son might’ve kicked me a good one last night while I was sleeping eva so sweetly.
2. Three (YES, THREE) people at work have told me I look “terrible,” “sick,” and “you look really sick you should go home.” Dudes, I feel fine. I might look like a battered wife with the whole eye thing, but seriously – “TERRIBLE?” And what am I supposed to say to that? Um. Thanks?
3. Wednesday isn’t a great TV night because Lost is doing a re-run. Boo! What am I supposed to do tonight? Something active? Productive? Wha--?

3 things I’m going to do today:
1. Buy a kitty condo for my prissy felines. Their claws are in desperate need of scratchage, and my sofa is afraid it’ll be their next victim.
2. G-rocery shop.
3. Write some more of my thing.

You know, that I’m writing.

3 people I tag:
1. Tawn Tawn
2. Pattie over at Vintage Mafia
3. Shep, the original bad-ass maltipoo


Nichole said...

Ok, if you are bored tonight you should totally sew up this cute little purse I have been making. It only takes a little fabric and it is so fast ans easy! go to my blog and click on the link a few posts back where I made the first one. You will feel so proud of yourself when you finish, I promise. P.S. Big sale at Joann.
And what is it with people telling you you look terrible? Who raised these people???

Penny said...

While you sew up that purse, think of sewing one up for me. I love handmade little bags, and just wondering, what happened to the other kitty condo? I recall that they were always scratching on it. Too big to loose in the move I am thinking.

Lisa said...

I hate it when people tell you how bad you look, even when you already know you're sick. Dude, thanks for making me feel even crappier than I did before.

Pattie Cordova said...

Um... you are totally awesome. Though my post won't contain recent injuries... wait, maybe it will. My son took a bite out of me during lunch today.

p.s. Maybe you need to rock some more cool headbands so others won't be tempted to tell you that you look terrible.

HAFC said...

I'm bummed out about Lost being a re-run too....I mean, what the heck am I supposed to do with my Wednesday night???????? So sad.

Pattie Cordova said...

okay... I ended up watching 24. I've yet to watch Lost

rachel ramsay said...

i started to read today's entry and didn't get past number one without a hearty cackle, in fact i almost snorted and a mini tear of glee formed at the corner of my left eye and shep gave me a dirty look for disturbing his beauty sleep... needless to say we should meet in beaver...

tawny said...

Ahh I finally fixed my "cookies" setting on my computer...I haven't been able to comment Okay, so cute 3 thingy a day. I will be tagged and I will do it..soon.:)

how are you?? haven't seen you forever..miss ya girl! we A L L need to play..or shop..i feel the urge for some new spring clothage. have a good day..I already need a vanilla diet. geez. xoxo

Brooke said...

Hey...It sucks when your shows aren't on huh? Worst ever!