Monday, March 9, 2009

Back to the Daily Grindage

Playing catch up after being sick is almost as bad as being sick itself. Dealing with 5 days of missed work and an unkempt home after icky sicky is no bueno. And cleaning – even my own dirtiness(!) – is a yuck fest. Like, I totally forget that I do not need to be repulsed by my own hair in the shower, (butbutBUT it’s so nasty!) or that the garbage needs to be taken out – not just stared at warily, hoping it’ll take itself out. When I’m well, I try to keep up on the house – but going a week without lifting a finger turned me into a giant prissy feline. (But shutup you wouldn’t have wanted to wash the “bean bowl” either. So wrong!)

So, back to the daily grindage. I came into work with – no joke – 104 unread work emails. Do you know how truly disgusting that is? It makes me want to vomit all over my Express Editors. And the only way out of this pile ‘o gross is to actually go through it. You know the old, tired adage – the only way out is through? So, so unfortunately true. Si, suerte!

Do you guys like my headband? It hurts me. Le sigh. Beauty (or maybe just accessories) is pain. (And that includes my yellow fingernail polish, which isn’t going over nearly as spectacularly as I’d hoped. It reminds me a bit of 70’s themed mucus.)
But anyway you better like it, because it’s cutting off the circulation to my face. (Seriously I didn’t even know you could do that.)


licketysplit said...

it's superduper cute but definitely not worth the pain. Headbands always drive me nuts when I wear them and never last long... good luck catching up!

Kara said...

Your headband is the first thing I noticed when I opened your blog. It is super Cute with a capital C. I love headbands, but if you don't get the right ones (and you never know until you take the tag off and actually wear it for a day, grrrrr), they can be painful. 104 work e-mails???? I cringed when I read that. Good luck!

Stacy said...

ok... Brie. measure around your head (all the way around) where you would place a head band and I will make you a pretty headband you can clip pretty flowers to. I am not allowed to make huge ones for my baby so can I use you to get some craftiness out? :o)

sorry being back to work means major suckage. But you look fabuloso so that's good... right?!

Pattie Cordova said...

Your headband is uber-cute though... well worth it. Maybe next time you should wear the superglue the flower to a clip and then it won't hurt... anyway. Glad to have you back. I've totally been missing your writing - going into withdrawals!

and I also have some yellow nail polish that I've been contemplating brushing on... only bought it 'cause Bazaar told me to do it.

satisfiction said...

Ewie. It's bad enough missing school (though I really like having "days off"). Work catch-up must suck. :(


Penny said...

Actually, if you read back your blog to yourself I'll bet you even depressed yourself. And besides, its cold and snowy outside and Cade is still sick and you had to get up an hour early because of weird old day light savings time so if I had something at all to toast to you, I'd say "heres to a better day tomorrow!"

belinda said...

hope you are feeling better darl.
and yes, the headband is uber cute, i hate how they give you headaches! really.. you think the manufacturers could've worked this one out by now ;)


Jackie said...

I totally get the headband/strangling your head thing. They are so cute but I literally feel like my head has been in a cramp at the end of the day. But you look gorgeous as always B! Don't worry about the house, etc., just worry about getting better.

Dinner soon? Seriously!? xoxo

Brooke said...

I have to say that I AM a fan of your head band. You know that I don't usually like "branching out" sort of things. But I love!