Monday, March 23, 2009

PEG Pros and Cons & also, the Weather Sucks

I hate Utah. On Saturday it was 75 degrees. We went to the zoo, and I didn’t even need a jacket. I got to get all OCD in the monkey house and worry about pee air in the bird building. I got to swear at the porcupines because for some reason I always do when I see them. I got to sweat, not shiver.

This morning, it’s 38 degrees. And it’s snowing. I got to put on my (totally rockin’) Puma boots again and pull out my thick, warm coat. I got R.T. on the way to my car. And I got to curse stupid storm clouds for ruining my luscious locks.

Oh my frustration to the max.

Okay, so
Surgery time scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 2:30.

Pros of having a PEG vs an NJ:
1. No plumbing system will be attached to my face
2. No more double or triple takes from rejects on the sidewalk
3. It will now be easier to hide my pain – physically and emotionally (haha)
4. I won’t have to ask Brandon if the tube makes my face look fat
5. No more headaches, rashes, and potential aspirating (breathing is gooooooood)
6. Painkillers
7. Living

1. I guess, for now, I’ll have to take a leave of absence from that stripper job I procured
2. No tight shirts (So what, I have to go naked? I don’t even know what baggy shirts are!)
3. No swimsuits, and summer is fast approaching
5. I’ll have a HOLE IN MY STOMACH
6. Another scar on the tum-tum
7. No more sleeping on my tummy
8. Will it make me look like I have, you know, a weenie?

Okay, so there is one more con than pro, but that whole #7 on the pros column kinda trumps everything else. I think.

More later homies. Pictures later (if I dare).


Brooke said...

Hey girl. I am depressed about the weather too. At least you got to sport your Puma boots.

I'll talk with you on the phone, but just know I love you and that you are SO STRONG to go through with this. You are amazing to do this for yourself, Brandon, Cade, (your cats), and all of us!

Love you!

Laura said...

OK so, is it wrong for me to get the same procedure done so that I DON'T have to wear a swimsuit???? Oh, the dread...

hey, you know I will be praying for you tomorrow and hope that everything goes smoothly. Love you lots and really do believe that this is a beginning to a long awaited end...

God Bless

Cammy said...

I will definitely be thinking of you, let us know how it goes. I know that having to go through this is really inconvenient, frustrating, and scary, but it is the best thing and you're giving a huge gift to both yourself and your loved ones by taking measures to get healthier.

Take care, Brie.

Tanya said...

Ugh. I am sorry you have to deal with that but it is better than the tube through the nose.

Ok so after you have it for 3 weeks or a month or something like that they replace it with whats called a Mickey. Its a button that you attatch the tube to. Its a lot easier to hide an it doesn't show on normal shirts. It will on tight but you don't need baggy. And I was never told I could not go swimming. I have not done it of course, but what is the reasoning behind that one? are in my thoughts. It hurts for a little while....oh and by the way you should be able to sleep on your stomach after a couple of weeks. I do all the time. I do have a mickey now though...but they have an attachment that has a 90 degree angle and so it allows the tube feedings at night no matter what angle you are sleeping at. Its not that bad...really.

Hugs...I will be praying for you...let us know how it goes.

Kyla said...

hugs. I wish I were there so I could give you a real one. You are so brave for doing this. Way to take care of yourself.

tawny said...

Prayers are with you girl....xoxo!

Sarah said...

aw honey. you're in my thoughts and prayers. I hope this helps you, I really think it will. xoxo

Kara said...

So are you only going to be tubing it up at night or will you have to carry a pack during the day like you did last time?

Pattie Cordova said...

eh... sleeping on your belly is overrated... just remember back to when you were pregnant.

Buena suerte tomorrow.

Penny said...

I am proud of you. I am happy that you have so much love and support. It is so great. I love "Blogland". You are going to be just fine.

HAFC said...

I love your lists....especially #7 Living. You are meant to be here, with Brandon and Cade, and I think you're taking such a brave step in helping yourself. You'll be in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Am I ever bummed that we won't get to hear about your stripping debut. I'm sure it would have been fantastic. Oh well, I read an article the other day that said that as the economy's been going down, strippers have been getting older. You've got years on you yet.

Yes, that is the part of the post I chose to focus on out of everything else. The commenters before me gave you all the great sentiment, and I'm here for laughs. :D

I hope your surgery goes well! Sleeping on your stomach is overrated anyway. I bet you can convince your hubby you need like nine new pillows to make yourself comfy on your back. Pillows are awesome.

Good luck :)


Jackie said...

You are going to look like the hot mama you are, even without a swimsuit or tight shirts :) I am so proud of you - I will be sending you good vibes tomorrow. call me if you need anything. Love you so much.


Keely said...

I am so proud of you. (hug) I'm here if you need anything.

P.S.- you're weenie con made me laugh so hard.

Kerri said...

Hi Brie! Just coming out of hiding to say I love your blog and I will be thinking about you and your family tomorrow. In the end, this may be the thing that really helps you get where you want and need to be health wise. Oh and I bet once it heals up you will be able to sleep on your belly no problem. Gook luck tomorrow! :D

Lily said...

I really hope that things work out. I'll be thinking of you. I was going to a get a PEG, but my dietitian ended up not recommending me because she didn't want me to go through a surgery if I wasn't going to do OP feedings anyway.


rachel ramsay said...

could you give me a reference for that stripping job?

Jade said...

All the best for the procedure!