Sunday, September 28, 2008

This Weekend in Pics

This picture I have entitled, Trying too hard: when it just doesn't work for you. At any rate, I was trying to snap a pic of the curly do. Took me like 65 exposures till I stopped screaming in horror and went to mildly whimpering and settled on this one.
Lil C's first haircut in nearly a year. Clutching the teddy for protection. He was such a brave boy. Grandpa did a good job - Mama was realllllly relieved.

The after. We likey!

Hangin at the park with my fam for a belated celebration of my dad's birthday.

He SO wasn't a fan of dinner.

Aw, I love my niecy. Pretty sure she is a beautiful individual.
Holding my new niece Chloe. I asked Big B over and over afterward in the car on the way home if I could have one. I want one I need one oh baby oh baby gimme gimme gimme!

Listening to my iPod with my Skull Candy and tube. Seriously, look how gross I look - that tube is poked like a foot away from my face. I couldn't tame it last night. Sad!

And thus concludes my weekend.


KC Elaine said...

I loves how you curled your hair!

H said...

I love it when you share pics. Oh, and how on earth do you get your hair so shiny? Seriously. Do you use anything specific on it or is it just not in my genes to have shiny hair....hmmm...that might be the case.

Jackie said...

Love the pics hun :)

Nichole said...

I really love your hair, you make me think about chopping mine! Are you putting the tube in yourself every night? I am glad you are taking care of stuff! Good luck with it all, I am rooting for you!
And Cade is really adorable, I want a boy so bad!

brie said...

H, I do have shiny hair in general, but I bought an Aveda product when I got my hair cut. If you're interested, shoot me an email, k?

Nichole, YES, I put in the tube every night! Isn't that disgusting?! It's better than being in the hospital, though, since my metabo is so screwed. It's funny, you want a boy so badly, and when I look at pics of your chicas it makes me want a girl!

jana bananas said...

I love the pics! I've wanted to do a photo day but I don't do enough exciting stuff and my house is too dirty to take pics in (if that makes any sense). I have no idea what skull candy is.

You're such a hottie, Ms. B.

Cammy said...

It's funny how we always want what we don't have, my hair is curly and would KILL to have a nice straight head of hair for just a single day! Wanna trade? ;P
Take care, Brie.

Savannah said...

Love to see that you had a good weekend :) I really like your new haircut, and it's just really good to see you smile so much. Miss you and love your chocolate dildoness :)

zubeldia said...

so sweet, that kiddo of yours. And you, too, sweey Brie.

I am absolutely relieved that you're tubing. Your hair looks beautiful and healthy, and it will be a wonderful day, indeed, when your body is, too :)

Love, love, love.

Emily said...

Hey! Love your hair-- and C's too! :) I plan on using aveda for my hair too. I will probably be getting it cut friday! :) your weekend in pictures was fun! I should do another day in the life of emily sometime soon.

Keely said...

I love the pics. Cade looks so stylin' in his new haircut. I am so proud of you B. (hug) You can do it :)


Laura said...

I think you should decorate the tube. Pink sparkles, or some glitter. Can you bedazzle it? Make it fun. Maybe you can turn it into a new trend...all the celebrities will be wearing them on the red carpet (God knows, they need it)

(Bring Cade over to play. He reminds me of Luke.)


brie said...

JB, Skull Candy is the brand of THE COOLEST headphones you will ever buy for your iPod. Seriously love em, they have them in tons of different colors and varities. Google 'em.

Laur said...

I can't believe you cut Cades hair. GO YOU! He looks fantastic!