Monday, July 14, 2008

A Conversation with Myself

Me: Maybe the auto-cat feeder is going to make my cats even fatter since they can help themselves any time they like.
The Other Me: But it can’t be that bad to do it; I mean, you can buy those cat feeders at the grocery store, so obviously they can’t be too unhealthy for animals.
Me: But you can also buy pot, and that doesn’t mean that it’s not unhealthy.
The Other Me: Yes, but can you buy pot at the grocery store?
Me: No.
The Other Me: Exactly.
And out loud: Suck.

I'm still at a loss. Utterly.


kristin said...

I think an auto-cat feeder would be nice. Cuddles, the kitty in my profile picture, used to love fresh water and would not drink any from her bowl unless it was just poured in. I always wanted to get her one of those auto-water cat feeders.

Take care, Brie! :)

Katherine said...


haha, love you.

Anon said...

I think the fact that you are having those conversations and challenging that voice in your head shows progress alone. Seriously. I hope you recognize that!!

Steph said...

Oh gosh. This reminds me of how we have a "water fountain" for my cats, instead of a water bowl (it's nice except when I get to clean it).

A neighbor I used to cat-sit for had an auto-feeder, and I liked not having to refill the cat's bowl all the time. But I guess go with whatever's easiest for you.

Abby said...

I do not know much about cat feeders. Or rather, I do not know anything about cat feeders.


Yeah, 'tis true, you have to buy pot at one of the medical dispensaries. You know, there's one near the gas station I like... oh, never mind, you Utahns get your highs from automatic cat feeders. Or something.

But standard grocery stores carry diet pills and cigarettes and cancer-causing mosquito repellents and all sorts of such things, right? Well, I have no particular logic here.

In any case, you make me smile.

jana bananas said...

cats have a way of regulating their eating, as most animals do.

Krista said...

I say if it makes you happy go for it! Cats have it easier than us, so if they get chubby I don't think the other cats will make fun of them.

Laura said...

OK, this is REALLY weird...I just sat down to write my own blog post, which was going to be about how I have developed a habit of talking to myself..out loud. But first, I checked your blog, and I saw the post title and said (to myself, of course) HOLY SHIT! Is it just me, or do we have very similar daily thoughts and posts???? Could we be related??? Oh, I hope so!!!!

Kathy with a K said...

Okay, so according to Warren Eckstein (pet expert)"investing in an automatic cat feeder that allows you to set the amount and frequency that Kitty's food is dispensed." can be really helpful. And according to him, it won't make the cat fat(ter).
Of course, I'm the one who actually called in to Warren Eckstein's radio show (much to my children's embarrassment) to solve my own cat feeding dilemma. Which, by the way, totally worked. So I say buy the automatic feeder.
Hey, if it doesn't work, can you fill it with Cheerio's and let Cade feed himself? :)

Anonymous said...

AHAHAhahahaha! That was an awesome conversation.

As an aside - MOST animals will not overfeed themselves, for what it's worth.

Love this blog - as always!

Laura said...

I love Kathy with a K's idea of filling it with cheerios! In fact, I am running out tomorrow to get one for each member of my family. It will save me from having to constantly prepare meals and snacks. Do you think it could handle a pork chop?

emmy. said...

hahaha we're like.. scary alike, sometimes.

the thing with animals is that, most of the time, they know just what their body needs when they need it. it blows my mind, really. they will eat when they're hungry, stop when they're not. (don't get me wrong; i've known several people with eating disordered cats.. 2 of which were staff members at walden behavioral.. how ironic.)

when i first brought guster home (i should really do a post on him), he was a stray and would eat whenever there was food in front of him because he wasn't sure when he would GET to see food again. but as he grew up and realized there would always be food when he needs it, i was able to fill up the auto-feeder and he could snack as he pleased. he'll eat less at a time, but more often.. much like people are supposed to. but people aren't as intuitive as animals. or, we are, we're just not as good at following those intuitions and then - all of a sudden - we're retrained on bad habits.

wow, ramble much? and i don't even know if you were making the eating disorder connection or just commenting on a simple product in the animal aisle, haha. i love when i make a random off-handed comment and people assume it's to be tied in with eating disorders. now i'm that guy, lol.

it's far too early for me to be commenting..

Tiptoe said...

Coming from an animal trainer's perspective here, if this were a dog, I'd say no outright. However, cats are a little different. Some cats do regulate food intake fine and leaving food out isn't a problem. However, others do not, so it just depends on the cat.

Personally, I'm all for it as long as the dispenser is set with the appropriate amount of food/setting.

If you have multiple cats, you have to factor this in as well.

brie said...

Wow, I have learned a lot of things. First off, one of my cats is great at regulating her food intake, and weighs around 13 lbs (but that isn't too much, right?) but the other one, Bobbi, weighs 27 lbs...and is obviously not an intuitive eater. She put on all this stress weight when I went into treatment the 2nd time. Also, I just got my third kitty, Sonny, and his stomach is huge because he seems to be eating more than kitties normally do. Also, it's not one of the nice, expensive dispensers that lets you regulate when and how much food - it's just one that you fill up and it dumps more out as soon as you eat the serving in the bowl.

It does, however; leave plenty of rooms for pork chops. :)

I think I should probably get rid of it. This can't be a good idea for the massive one.

Also, I've taken to feeding skinny cats around the neighborhood that apparently have homes, but their owners DO NOT take care of them, so I bike around with cat food and give it to them. Well, I told my girls last night, "You need to start sacrificing for some that are less fortunate than you." They looked up at me with their giant eyes and fatty necks, and I decided right there and then that they should eat a little less and I can give a little more, you know?

I'm worried about future heart problems.

Paige said...

Bobbi sounds like my cat counterpart. I have no intuitive eating ability (and I'm pretty sure people also call me "the massive one" behind my back). That's really sweet that you feed all the needy neighborhood cats!