Sunday, June 15, 2008

You Enjoy Reading About My Crazy ED Treatment Stories! I Loves it!

The results of my poll are in. Of the 50 or so who voted, an overwhelming 91% replied with a HELLZ YEAH, I want another satirical recap of your experiences of inpatient eating disorder treatment. 10% are quite certain I need to work through my anger toward the mental health industry, which I completely concur with. NOBODY said that my hilarity offended them, which actually surprised me. I suppose the nay-sayers of my previous Behind Bars posts either didn’t care to vote, or, more likely, stopped reading my blog. Whatever. And lastly, there were 6% of you who didn’t give a rat’s ass. And that’s cool too.

So there you have it. Another From Behind Bars entry will be coming soon. And that brings me next to the new poll. What would you like me to write it on? Please vote, and if you have a preference that isn’t there, please leave me your ideas and suggestions in a comment, I’d love to know what you all think. And for those of you who have perhaps never read this series, you’ll enjoy it, I hope – whether you have/had an eating disorder or not. Writing this series in a satirical, sarcastic way was actually incredibly healing. I find a sense of humor a necessity in recovery, and this honestly was incredibly therapeutic and positive toward my recovery – mostly because it made me realize how much I never want to go to treatment again. Hey, whatever motivates you, right?

Anagram of the day night:
While writing my from behind bars series, recaps of rehab brims fond memories.

Also: to read this series, click the label below.


Heather said...

I love it! You're writings on this whole shinanigan crap-o-la truly makes me, really, anything will do! I'd especially like to hear how the whole family therapy thing went with you...for me it SUCKED, but it was via phone...except at Remuda and that was a complete nightmare! But, I'd also like to hear about what your glorious thoughts of yoga were....all I remember was awful gas when we lifted all our tushies!

jana bananas said...

Brie Bee, you are just too cool, no matter what article you choose to write next. I chose "dietary sessions" because I'm quite curious about those. In general, I find nutrition boring (is it wrong?) but ED nutrition sessions can be quite interesting. Er, I think. Luckily I never had to do family sessions. Oh. My. God.

zubeldia said...

I can't decide!! I think I want them all... perhaps some family therapy with yoga thrown in :-)

emmy. said...

ok, wow.

i've been on your blog for a total of.. maybe 26 seconds and i have an ED blog crush on you.

first of all, you and your husband are FREAKIN adorable. second of all, there's a whole lot of energy in here, lol. i mean, some blogs have TOO much energy and it's something along the lines of, "OMG I WENT SHOPPING TODAY!!!!! I GOT A REALLY CUTE SHIRT!!!!!!!!" stuff like that is just straight up obnoxious.

you have recovery energy and i freakin love it.
so thank you :)

kristin said...

I voted for dietary sessions and family therapy. I'm interested in reading about them. I've never really had a dietary session, so that would be cool to know about that. I think family therapy is always interesting, so that would be interesting to read about, too.

Also, thanks for your comment on my blog. Don't worry, I am eating within healthy guidelines and properly dieting. :)

jana bananas said...

Heather, your comment made me laugh. Yoga sounds like quite an adventure in ED treatment!

Emily said...

I love yoga, but I wanna hear about the trip you guys took!

Courtney said...

First off- your behind bars installments are way too much fun! I just finished reading the whole series and you have seriously made my night. I think you should write a book because you put all the funny- and not so funny- times into words so much better than I ever could (though you've inspired me to write a blog or two of my own on good ol' CFC, maybe "101 lame things to do in Provo on a 2 hr pass" or "phase drop fun-let the cat fights begin!").

Second- I'm dying to go read your blog entry on "The Book Theif". Do you remember which month you wrote it?

Third- Let's definitely hang out. I'm not working too much this week or next and I'm always up for anything (especially if it involves food, shopping, playing at the park, or anything of the sort).

And Fourth- Sorry this comment is so freakin' long!

b said...

Court, my post on the book is titled The Book Thief, and I wrote it in Feb. Let me know what you think, okay?

Call me - do you have my #? I'm not going to post it here, where everyone can read it, but I'll shoot you an email if you don't have it.

b said...

Thanks for the idea, Krista...that's totally a good idea that merits a behind bars entry!