Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Fairy Tale

One upon a time there was a princess.
And she was really neat.
She had wild dark hair, and was strong and wiry and resilient.
She loved to wrestle with the boys, and play soccer and basketball and baseball with them too.
Then, change her mind
just like that
and put on her dress-ups, her lavish gowns,
and make-believe
and brush her hair feathery soft,
and strut around in her mother’s high-heels.
Everybody loved her
even more important
she loved herself, too.
And then she grew up a little
then a lot
And she didn’t want to play sports with the boys, because they were
always always
better than her,
dress-ups were for babies.
But. But but but.
She was still beautiful
and strong
and resilient
only she no longer saw it, no longer felt it in her bones
and her being.
And then life got stormy.
It got hard.
And she forgot that she was good.
She felt lost
she didn’t feel like a princess
She lost herself.
She lost herself until she was nothing more than
bones and
children’s’ sized clothing
Her hair was no longer wild and dark,
it was
dull and brittle.
She was so tired
so lifeless – a dull achiness in her bones and hollows
that made her feel old and weak.
The princess wasn’t so regal anymore.
And then one day
she wanted to change
to reclaim her spirit,
her nobility,
her being.
It isn’t easy
and it hurts
but she gathers her strength and
Squares her shoulders and
looks herself in the mirror
In the eyes – in the soul.
with a simple phrase:
I am good.”

There is no happily ever after to this tale
life isn't always happily
and there's no
ever after
it's all about
here and now
what you
make of it.


Devon said...

Beautiful Brie.

There's no doubt, nor has there ever been, that you can't rise out of this darkness as well.

Remember the song you had me listen to? Twilight?

True story my dear.

I love you and, whether you believe it or not, am incredibly proud of you right this second.

Anonymous said...

Found you on Rachels ED Digest. This was beautiful.

kristin said...

Another beautiful entry, Brie.

I know you will get over this blue period. I know you will rise above your struggles. You're so strong and amazing.

Take care, Brie. Love ya, girly! :)

jana bananas said...

:) Good poem my friend.

Emily said...

Good poem, beautiful entry. And you will succeed, you will rise above your demons. I believe in you.

zubeldia said...

You ARE good. sweetheart, you really are.

Jackie said...
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Jackie said...

You are so good B. This was so touching and you are right, life isn't "happily ever after." But you are choosing, in this very moment, to be okay and that is all that counts. Like you always tell me, don't even take it day by day, take it moment by moment. I love you Brie and I am holding you to lunch/dinner! :)

xo Jackie

Tanya said...

Brie, this is beautiful, poignant, and inspiring. You are an amazing person...I hope you can keep your hope. Keep looking in the mirror and keep telling yourself that you are good.

Penny said...

I love how the declaration of independence gives us the Right to pursue happiness. But happiness is up to us to find. The Fairy Tale could not speak truth any more clearly for us all whatever we have run from. The time comes when we have to want bad enough to claim our life. Thanks for pointing out the truth so often in your writings. Love to you.