Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Willows

Brandon and I went on a lovely bike ride tonight to The Willows, where there is a beautiful river and several lakes and flowers and, obviously, Willows. There were also giant demon geese that looked a bit prehistoric. I'm pretty sure they could've surrounded me and gang raped me. Regardless of impending doom and trauma, we managed to snap a few fun pictures, and even a 20 second video.


Daddy teaching Cade important things about rivers and currents and ducks and the birds and the bees.

Daddy/Man Boy love. (That sounds a bit dirtier and I intended it to be...)

Apparently my son is not a fan of demon goose feathers. You can see the greedy little buggers plotting my demise in the background.


Stacy said...

what a fun family outing (glad you got out of the deadly goose trap alive.)
I am totally jealous of all the greenness and the flowing water. I could really use some of that in the hellish desert.

It was fun to hear your voice to put it with the words I read all the time.

kristin said...
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kristin said...

Sounds like a fun day.

I hate geese, too! They are freakishly scary.

It was cool hearing your voice in the video. Like Stacy commented, it's cool to put a voice to your words.

Your bike is totally cute, Brie! I'm totally jealous! ;)

(By the way, the deleted comment was mine. I am a perfectionist and I mistyped, so I had to redo my comment. haha)

KC Elaine said...

I'll watch the video when I'm not in a quiet study zone! I just wanted to tell you that I once picked up a goose at the park by Nils' house. The thing kept stepping on my feet, so I picked it up and put it on the pier. Crazy, huh?

alana.rachelle said...

oh the willows! it was so good to see you today! it was so nice to catch up for a little bit and i'm super stoked for sunday! ps... it was technically a 28 second video! ;) good luck with michelle and the nonthreats! love you!

jana bananas said...

OK, now I'm for sure convinced that you are a person I could chill with in person (I'm very select).

I love your family. Awesomeness.

heather said...

Wow! What a gorgeous place to go visit! Is it nice and warm there? It's still freezing here in Seattle. You all look so happy! I'm glad you all have the time to go out and have family time. Oh...and I also hate geese. I hate nasty, human-eating squirrels too. They suck. Your pictures are beautiful!

zubeldia said...

these are just adorable... and what a sweet voice you have, Brie. I vote for more video footage :-)

Hope you're doing well, sweets.


Laurie and Corey Kunz said...

where is that place??????

b said...

Really, people, my voice isn't quite that high normally. Baby Talk morphs it a bit.

And Laur, The Willows, are, like, a block, maybe two from my house. It's so hidden I didn't even know it existed until Brandon showed me last night. We'll have to take the mini men and go on a walk or something, it'd be great fun.

kristin said...

Heather, I hate squirrels, too! They are evil little monsters that make you think they're so innocent and cute. They're everywhere and they're plotting with the geese to take over the world!

b said...

Oh no! I can see it now! Death by geese and squirrels - it could be total annihilation! Suck. We need to prepare ourselves, girls!

CookieGirl said...

oh Brie, look at you and your beautiful family!! You are doing such great work and are such an inspiration. Sending lots of love your way!! xoxoxo

Shannon said...

That looks like fun. I always thought the Willows was a really pretty little complex.
I also have a pretty major phobia of ducks, mainly stemming from some childhood trauma with a flock of geese at a lake park. No need for details. :)
Anyway, love the pics, family outings are always a nice break and seem to do wonders for a bad mood (usually).
Good luck getting through the blue period. I think it's a completely normal and healthy thing; if it's not, then we're all in trouble.

Cammy said...

Geese are serious customers. I was attacked (NOT gang-raped, however!) by one when I was a kid, and I ended up with two broken fingers and a black eye, plus various other bruises and scrapes. Bad birds!

heather said...

So, I didn't get a chance to watch your little film clip when I first read your blog yesterday, but I just looked at it and you guys are so dang cute! I love the bike, by the way...the the bell. Classic. You couldn't pay me enough to actually get on a bike and ride anywhere (due to my chronci aversion to exercise!), but I admire you making it fun for both you and Cade man! I haven't talked to you in so long, I had forgotten what your voice sounded like!