Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Miss 6 Months

Mila turned half a year old on the 27th.  So crazy at how fast the time went.  It honestly seems only a few short weeks ago that she was this teensy little baby that had a full head of black hair and squirmed.  Now, I have a half-bald brown-haired baby who is happy and engaging and who smiles at ANYTHING.

My favorite thing about Mila is her optimism and her happiness and smiles.  If she thinks you're looking at her, she lights up.  Heaven forbid you actually make eye contact with her, she'll smile and smile and smile at you and it makes you so happy you don't want to stop looking at her.  She's also starting to laugh much more, and I love her little giggle.

She is absolutely in love with her big brother, and he is in love with her.  I'm glad she's going to have a protective big brother to watch out for her.  Makes me feel good.

Mila is finally getting the hang of eating.  She loves pears, peaches, apples, sweet potatoes, and she only just tolerates her rice.  Sometimes I sneak her a little frosting or something off a cupcake, and she about dies. 

Mila still has no teeth, and it doesn't look like any are on the horizon, either.  Cade didn't get teeth until he was almost 1, so she may just be a little slower with the whole teeth thing. 

Mila just had her 6 month checkup and had to get shots, poor thing.  She handled them like a champ though.  Cade was there and was super concerned about her having to get shots...see, this big brother protecting her thing is already starting to kick in!  Anyway, her stats:  her head circumference and height are almost exactly at 50%, but her weight is quite low, at about 9%.  She weighs 13.7 pounds, but she had gained 2 pounds from her last visit 2 months ago, so that's good.

Mila almost always sleeps through the night now, which is great.  She is in general very happy and secure and calm.  Cade, at 6 months, was quite the opposite of her.  Very anxious and upset all the time, and not sleeping well.  I can't help but wonder if it's because I left him to go to (STUPID) treatment from the age of 4-6 months...I know that I needed to, to actually live and get better, but I feel like a lot of his issues and anxieties since then have all occured because I left him at such a critical age when he was a baby.  I guess I'm just really glad that Mila is happy and secure and that I am not going anywhere!

Love you baby.


Fight 4 Ur Lyfe said...

Can I just say that you (and of course, B) make the cutest darn kids. If my kids were guaranteed to be that cute, I may even consider having sex.

Cammy said...

She sounds like an awesome little person, so glad things are going well with/for her! It's very sweet that Cade is such a great big brother, too.

Sia Jane said...

Cute cute :)
She is tiny tiny...
Given 10lb babies over here are happening a lot.
My god daughter is dinky and my best friends boy is like a fully fledged toddler despite just turning 1!!

Still all adorable in different ways.

I hope you are well too <3

emo said...

Beautiful baby girl! Wow already six months. So true about making eye contact with her. She just gets so happy and smiley. She is such a happy girl. That picture is so darling of Cade and Mila. Love them! I am excited to see you guys coming up this Sunday. It seems like I haven't seen you guys for a while.

Erin said...

She really is gorgeous, Brie.