Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything

Man, been one of those days where I don't feel so great but I can't exactly pinpoint why.  My back is still really hurting me, which is a huge stress.  It's been over a week now and I still need muscle relaxants, or else I can hardly walk and move and bend over and be NORMAL.  Even on them I act like a cripple.  I am nervous that I've done something seriously wrong to my back, and I'm nervous this is going to end up being a bigger deal than it should be.  So frustrated.

Mila loves her new exer-saucer!

I got a massage last night, and saying that it was painful is like the grossest understatement I could ever come up with.  If it would have been just "painful," it would have been a walk in the friggin park.  There's pain, and then there's PAIN.  And I asked for it.  When I called and asked for an appointment, I asked for the masseuse that had the repuation for pushing the deepest.  (That's what she said.)  So yeah, it hurt.  But my back does feel a little better today, not much, but a little, so I'll take it.  I'm still a little stymied that I actually PAID for that much pain.  I'm weird.

Brandon and I are more leaning towards building a house now, rather than buying one.  We are hoping to hear back from our lender by today or tomorrow, so we can't do much until then, but we've been talking to builders and looking at floor plans and lots, and we're getting pretty excited.  More news on that when I actually have something concrete to say!

My dietary appointment today got cancelled because my D's babysitter was sick or somethin.  I'm cool with that - truthfully I was NOT looking forward to going, but who am I kidding, it's not as if that surprises you by now or anything.  You know how you can turn a frown upside down?  Well I wish that you could do that with...what's the opposite of motivation?  Ambivalence?  Laziness?  Turn my lazy bum upside down?  Man I am strugglin right now.

Okay, time for me to go waste some brain cells on Dance Moms.  And...the premiere of ANTM is on tonight.  Woo hoo!

Bye, precious baby kittens.


Michelle said...

Dance Moms...serious entertainment!!

Erin said...

I was OK with Dance Moms for a while (people liked to watch it at Castlewood) but Abby just makes me too insane now... always, ALWAYS screaming and yapping! But those mom's are dumb so they basically do deserve to be yelled at.

emo said...

Sorry about your back! Glad you went and got a message. Those help. I had to do the same thing but for my sciatic nerve and my lower back. My kids caused all that pain. Hope you heal and feel better. Pain is awful.

That's great you will be building. It is such a fun process. Our builders were great. Just a few annoying things but it's expected. We made a fun photo book of the progress and the kids love to look at it. Going to the construction site and watching it progress each week is so exciting. You will have to let me know if you build so we can come see. Congrats Brie :) Seems like an exciting time for you guys. We are happy for you and Brando.

emo said...

*OH and I meant massage

Krista said...

LOVE Dance Moms! How exciting to build. We are trying to sell our house so we can build so I am jealous you are already getting to.