Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby Babbles

Mila has recently been finding her voice.  She coos and babbles, and really, it's adorable.  Recently she has started saying something that roughly sounds like "Hi, Da-Da."  Only, it probably sounds more like "Ayyyyee da-da-da-da."  She's not old enough or smart enough to know she's actually saying "Dad," it's more just a sound that is probably easy for her to say, so she does.

She says it all the time.
And Brandon loves it.

He gleefully talks about how "Da-Da" was her first word, oh how precious, blah blah blah yakkity schmakkity.  The man is practically swooning.  SWOONING!
All while I glower.

Because really Mila, couldn't you have said "Hi Ma-Ma" just as easily?!  I do EVERYTHING for you!  I do your laundry, change your poops, buy you adorable clothes, feed you.  Hell, my vagina took a BEATING for you!  And you can't even give me a "Hi Ma-Ma" or "Ayyyeeee ma-ma-ma-ma" in return?

Motherhood really is a thankless job.

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Katie said...

Look at her little skirt! Adorable.