Friday, February 24, 2012

Family Changes

It's 3 AM and I can't sleep because my back is killin me, so I decided to blog, in the hopes that it would distract me from the pain and misery whine whine whine.

I just have to take a minute to brag about my husband, because while I of course affectionately refer to him on my blog quite often, I don't know that I ever really stop to talk about how truly amazing he is.

Brandon is my rock, he is my life.  When I am stuck in some depression or going through an endless cycle of frenetic anxious energy, Brandon can calm me down and make me laugh, and suddenly, when I'm around him, I feel okay.  I know that the feelings I'm experiencing will pass, and I know that with him, everything will be okay.

Brandon is an incredibly hard worker.  He goes to school full-time in addition to working full-time, all so that I can be a stay at home mama.  He NEVER complains about how busy he is; how many responsibilities that he has.  He dutifully goes to work and does his homework, even when all day he is stuck at his computer trying to get it all done.  And, somehow in the midst of all that, he has time to play with the kids.  Mila literally LIGHTS UP the minute he walks through the door.  Cade runs to him and throws his arms around him.  Brandon is their life.  They literally adore him.

And I'm so happy that my kids have a hands-on daddy who wants so desperately to play an intricate role in their life, and he does.  My kids know with out a doubt how much they are loved - especially  by their dad.  They know that Dad will always love them and play with them and help them.  I love that I have such a supportive husband and father of my children.  I am beyond blessed for this.

For the past couple of months, Brandon has been looking for a new job, as his current job just wasn't working out; and he really felt like he should see if he could find a better job; something that fulfilled him more and appreciated him more and compensated him more.  He has been going to many interviews, and of course that is always so stressful.  A couple of weeks ago he saw a listing for a job as a Senior QA Engineer at a software company that is located in Lehi, Utah.  He wasn't sure if he should apply, as Lehi is about 40 minutes away from where we live, and also he wasn't sure he was entirely qualified for the position, but we both agreed he had nothing to lose, and why not try?

So he did.  He applied, interviewed 3 times, and on Wendesday we got the fabulous news that Brandon got the job!  We are so thrilled because not only is it a pay raise, it's a 75% pay raise.  I'm no good at math, but even I know that that is an insane raise!  And I am truly thanking God, because I believe He had a hand in helping us get this job.  Every night we prayed for Brandon being able to get this job, and to hear Cade's prayer every was so sweet.  Without fail, this is what he said:  "Dear Heavenly Father, please help Daddy get a job so we can get a house and a dog, and please help Mommy be happy.  Name of Jesus Christ, amen."
Tears are coming to my eyes, just thinking of this.
The faith of my little 5 year old astounds me.  I love that he is gaining a little testimony of prayer.  And while I don't often talk about my religion and my spirituality on my blog, I will say today, right now, that Cade's faithful prayers to God made my faith grow a little, too.
Because now we can move into our own house.  We are going to be house hunting here very shortly.  And while it scares me that we may have to move farther south in Utah, and I won't be as close to my sisters and parents, I know that this is where we're meant to be right now.  Big changes are happening for my family, but they are good.  And I'm excited, even though I'm also a teensy bit scared, too.

So that's the good news I referred to in my last post.  With Brandon getting this new job, we get a new house and a new dog and I'm excited to start over, too.  :)

So I'm grateful for my husband who works so hard, I'm grateful for Mila for making me so happy, and I'm grateful for my sweet little son who is so innocent and has so much faith.  I'm a lucky girl to have such an amazing little family, aren't I?


Cammy said...

That's great, congratulations Brandon!!! And congratulations Brie on having built such an amazing family with someone you love. I think that so many things in life are so much more endurable knowing you have a rock solid foundation of support from loved ones. I really hope that your back feels better soon, hang in there!

Jonny and Haley said...

Congrats! That is so awesome and I can't think of any one who deserves it more than Brandon. This is all very exciting and I can't wait for your house warming party and to meet your new dog!!!

Erin said...

You are very lucky. Can you clone Brandon please? 'Cause this girl is lonely and needs her own Brandon. It's OK if he's mutated slightly and has 3 eyeballs. Well, maybe. :P

Brandon, I'm sure you're reading -- a huge congratulations to you! I work in the tech industry, too...senior QA engineer is AWESOME!

brie said...

haley, bear and our future puppy are going to have to have play dates! do you know anything about mini australian shepherds? that's the kind of dog i think we're going to get, after doing exhaustive research. :)

erin, i wish i could close brandon!!

Katie said...

So happy for you! That is great news!

emo said...

Congrats! I am SO HAPPY for YOU GUYS! That is so EXCITING! Well you will live closer to me. I need to text Brando a congrats, I've been waiting to hear how the interview went.

allegri said...

Yay Congrats!!!!

Alie said...

Congrats! That's so exciting for you guys! Hope your back is feeling better :)

Arielle Lee Bair said...

Congrats to Brandon! And good luck with the changes coming your way. :) Happy times ahead I am sure.