Monday, February 27, 2012

Miss 7 Months

Man, posts from me the past few weeks have been sparse.  I apologize for that - between sick kids, getting sick myself, and hurting my back, I have not had much time or desire to blog.  However, today is Mila's 7 month birthday, so I decided that warranted bringing me out of blogging hibernation to post a bit about what is happening with her.

Mila is doing great.  She is still my super smiley and super happy baby.  Still no teeth on the horizon, and she still isn't showing any signs of sitting up by herself or even rolling from back to tummy yet.  BUT I'm not yet going to worry, as I still think she's within a normal curve of development.  Mila loves to eat, and her favorite things to eat are sweet potatoes, a strawberry and banana combo, and apples.  She's still quite small - at 7 months, she very easily fits into her 3-6 mos clothes, and in some cases, even her 0-3 mos clothes.  But as long as she is eating and thriving, I'm not too worried about that, either.

Poor baby is sick right now.  She's lethargic and her eyes are all red and puffy and she's got a fever.  I'm hoping it's a quick bug, and that soon she'll be feeling better.  Other than that, not much new is happening in Mila's little world.  I still just love her!  I can't believe it's already been 7 months - it's insane.  Sometimes I just want to squeeze her and tell her to stop growing...I wish I could stop time, because soon she won't be my little baby anymore.  Sigh.

Sorry this post was a little lackluster.  Truthfully I am hurting quite a bit and think I need to lay down.  Tomorrow I will try to post more enthusiastically!

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Agrace12 said...

She is precious! Love the pics! My little one was always smaller like that! I think she fit into some 3 months clothes when she was 9 months, but was always eating, thriving, and healthy. It bugged me because people would look at her and say "well you are tiny". I would think...yeah but I am anorexic! She is a small baby! But, anyways. Some babies just are on the small side. Someone needs to be on the 3% growh curve. My little one always has been, even now at 2 1/2! We will see what the next one is now that I am expecting again! Hope you continue to feel better. I know it is hard when you are caring for a baby! Take care and rest as you can!