Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wicked Hilarious Pelvic Thrust

How Far Along: 26 weeks!
Size of baby: According to BabyCenter, she weighs between 1 ¾ lb – 2 lbs. She also comes in at just over a foot long, roughly 14 inches. Observe the English hothouse cucumber. Again, I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten one of those, or even seen one. Oh wellsies, way to be a cucumber, Avery. :)
Total Weight Gain: Definitely more than I want to know. So I remain blissfully unaware.
Maternity Clothes: Yeppers. This weekend I went and bought some maternity jammies; they’re simple black leggings under a long shirt (that goes to my knees) that says “I LOVE MY BUMP.” It’s embarrassing. And so corny. And I’d never wear it non-pregnant, so why do I low-ball my standards now? And, while in the shirt, it really emphasizes my, well, bump, along with my BUTT. In fact, Brandon calls me “Bum’nTum” in it. I feel like Beyonce.
Gender: Girl! Avery Jane!
Movement: Yes feeling her more and more and recognizing times of the day when she moves more than others – she’s quite active in the evening, as I’m lying down for bed, and she’s also active sometimes in the afternoon, between 3-5 pm.
Sleep: I actually think I’ve been sleeping a little less over the past week, but not in a bad way. It’s also harder for me to get comfy at night, and my back is starting to ache when I lay on my right side, and I know that’s only going to get worse…
What I miss: Having a variety in my wardrobe. I do think I definitely have more maternity clothes than most people do, I can’t help it, but it’s still nothing like my regular clothes closet. So, to compensate, I’ve started buying shoes (HELLO BLACK TOMS, WELCOME TO MY SHOE COLLECTION) and handbags. At least I am well accessorized!
Cravings: No real cravings that particularly stuck out to me this week – though I still feel like in general, I crave sweets more than I would if I wasn’t pregnant – Easter candy this year was a doozy!
Symptoms: Lotsa peeing, and a couple of nights ago I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction. I didn’t recognize what it was at first, because it’s been so long since I’ve felt one (5 years ago with Cade) but then I realized my tummy was tightening and I got a little excited – just thinking that my pregnant bod is preparing for labor. :)
Best Moment of the Week: Gaining a couple of self-esteem points by learning to crochet and making Avery a blankie. (A photo of the finished product will be coming soon.) I’ve decided that I’m going to try to make all her blankets, rather than buy them. It’ll give me something productive to do!
Appointments This Week? Yes, I have an appt this Thursday. Will report then.
What I’m looking forward to: The warmer weather so that I can take Cade to the park and to the pool. YES, I will look like a beached whale there, but I’m just deciding not to care.
One Thing I've Learned This Week: I can do a wicked hilarious pelvic thrust with a baby bump!
Pictures from this week:


Will said...

Even if you feel like a beached whale...you'll be tan. and that just makes everyone look better.
I've always heard to sleep on your LEFT side b/c there is some nerve or something that makes it easier on your body and gets the maximum blood/oxygen to the baby.

brie said...

being tan definitely makes up for so many things lol. :)

and yes, sleeping on your left side is better because it increases circulation and oxygen saturation...

Will said...


and you should check that site out instead of babycenter. It's funnier AND gives better veggie associations!

Sia Jane said...

You can only look more beautiful than you do.
Pregnancy is a gift, and you are a gift, and your little Avery will be a gift xxxx

Jan said...

You know I don't read blogs, but you are great! Good luck with everything!