Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Rehash

Happy Monday to all my readers. Hope you all had a good weekend?

My weekend was pretty neat. We spent lots of time outdoors and with each other, which could have ended badly but fortunately went well.  ;) On Friday afternoon Brandon and I went golfing, and I did much worse than I did the first time I ever went, which I previously posted about. Brandon disagrees that I’m getting worse, but I am. It was horrible because let me tell you a little something about Girlfriend: I am fiercely competitive. I like to be good at things. I consider myself athletic, so when I’m participating in a sport and sucking majorly at it, I get all pissy. I’m not one of those people that gracefully lose. So, I was kinda mad. Plus, we didn’t rent a golf cart, and at 6 ½ months pregnant, call me a whiner, but it was HARD to walk the entire golf course – me gots sooooooo tired! By the 7th hole I was sprawled on the grass and unsure if my groin would let me make it to the green.

So, after this mediocre experience, what did I do Saturday afternoon?
GO GOLFING AGAIN, OF COURSE!  (But this time I insisted B rent a golf cart.)
What was I thinking? I did EVEN WORSE. I’ve decided that I’m thinking too hard. I need to relax and have fun, and maybe I’ll start to improve. Though I doubt that’ll happen, so I’m probably going to take some golf lessons. They are mucho expensivo though, so we’ll have to see.  Is forking up $60 for a 45 minute lesson worth it?  Maybe it is, if my self-esteem is on the wire, here. 

Saturday afternoon we also met Brett and Ang and Baby Penny up at Storm Mountain to roast hot dogs and mallows. It was fun, except it was much colder than anticipated, and it even rained for about 5 dreadful minutes. We went on a mini hike though, and we had a grand time. Sorry no pictures of the weekend, my camera broke, and I’m sad about it HINT HINT HINT HINT BRANDON I WANT A NEW CAMERA MAKE IT ORANGE. Sigh.

Only downside about being in the canyon this weekend (other than the a-little-too-chilly-for-comfort weather) was the fact I needed to pee, and that I am stoutly against gwoss mountain bathrooms. While we were hiking, I seriously pondered peeing in the bushes, but exposing my nether regions to rattle snakes and ants THAT COULD FLY just didn’t seem right. Plus, I’m not sure the wild was ready for my big bum. So I held it, and I held it in misery! Other than that, though, we had a lotta fun. :)

Yesterday was great kite-flying weather, even though we didn’t fly a kite. We thought about it a lot though, but I guess it just never happened? We did, though, make it to the park and Brandon played with Cade on the playground while I delved into the fabulous memoir I’m reading right now. I’m only about half-way, but I highly recommend it – it’s called “Same Kind of Different as Me.”

Anywaysies, that’s about all that happened with me. This week I hope I hope passes quickly, because I’m going on my Girls’ Weekend trip on Friday – cannot wait for the much needed break. Take care everyone, and keep your bums safe from flying insects!


battleinmind said...

Oohh I hate golfing, it STRESSES me out. The more annoyed I get, the worse my game gets.

Hmm I guess you could take the lessons, are you really bothered about golfing? Is it something you would really enjoy?

Have a good week!

Courtney said...

I'm so impressed your out golfing at 6 1/2 months! My center of gravity was so off I probably would've toppled right over instead of actually hitting the ball. My husband's a pretty good golfer and he's often commented that when you start golfing and working on your swing/form/etc you usually get worse before you get better. So don't get discouraged, you'll be out shooting par in no time!