Friday, May 6, 2011

Thanks From a Sickie

Thanks to all for your comments on my previous post.  It helped a lot.
No real post from me today, as I am feeling like a sickie.  I was hoping I was just feeling a little under the weather from being in the sun too long yesterday, but the ickies aren't going away and I'm afraid I've caught a flu bug.  So I'm snuggling into the couch with my crocheting and Smarties and about 10 Gossip Girls to watch. 
Hope you all have a fab weekend!

Also, I think I'm a little sunburned?


Amanda P said...

I just bought this, and I thought it might interest you. :) Yay for crochet!

brie said...

amanda, that book looks amazing! will you pretty please post pics on your blog when you've made one? i need to see a finished product from you! i'm contemplating getting the book, but it looks so hard - i wonder if i could do it??