Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Important Reminders for Today

1. Emotions are highly exacerbated by pregnancy.
a. My world is not ending.
b. Crying will not kill me.

2. Quitting treatment probbbbbaaaabbbbblllllly is not the finest idea.
a. I need to let my treatment team help me, rather than avoid them.

3. According to my dietician, I have gained the minimum amount of weight that is healthy in pregnancy, considering I was a tad underweight when I conceived.
a. I am not as big as, oh I don’t know, CHINA.

4. Chocolate helps.
a. Go have some chocolate.

5. Isolating makes things worse.
a. So, TALK.
b. Frolic.
c. Pick your wedgie with a friend.
d. Do anything but be alone.

Will someone remind me of these things when life seems too much to handle? I think I need to write these on a post-it and stick it to my face – or, because I see it more, my giant stomach.
Okay. Phew. Reminder duly noted.

PS - Has anyone noticed that their last post has been deleted?  What's up with that?  Where oh where did my haircut post go????


battleinmind said...

Thanks for this post, it made me smile (a hard thing to do, I'm in the MOTHER of all bad moods.) I liked the chocolate bit.

Pregnancy emotions don't sound like a walk in the park...

Hope you're feeling calmer and more settled soon!

Dianne said...

Blogger ate it. The whole site's been done and they are working "diligently" to restore all "lost" posts which, incidentally, are not lost, just "missing".

And by the way, unfortunately, I get it. Rough day out here too.

Let us all press on.

Sairs said...

Yes my last post is missing too, so you are not alone it that. I am just happy it wasn't the one before that because the one before that was especially inportant to me. I think your list is good by the way. It's good remind ourselves of these things at times when we can't think of them, if that makes sense. Chocolate sounds good to me too.

Bee said...

Sooo very random, but I had a dream about you the other night. You were being profiled in Rolling Stone (!) and were going to be played by Kristen Stewart in something, the whole thing cracked me right up once I was awake. I've been reading your blog for awhile, thought I'd delurk to share the randomness. I always appreciate your writing.

KC said...


Telstaar said...

Thinks these are all good things to be remembering :)

Hope they cheer you up some xo

Penny said...

Just thought of a giant way(no pun intended ) to help you through this next week!!!Sister Weekend coming. I can't wait and you will forget whatever your troubles are and concentrate on sun and chocolate and movies etc!!!

Courtney said...

Awesome post. I love your sense of humor. And why is it so dang hard to remind ourselves of these things when we need it most? I'm right there with ya on #2 and #5 (and also #1 besides the pregnancy part, though my postpartum emotions are a little out of control too). Hang in there and KEEP TALKING