Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Bum'nTum is Here to Stay

How Far Along: 27 weeks!
Size of baby: According to BabyCenter, she weighs around 2 lbs – maybe a little more. Lengthwise she is about 14 ½ inches long, and this week she is being compared to a head of cauliflower, which disturbingly looks like a brain.
Total Weight Gain: Still right on track, I hear. That’s good enough for me.
Maternity Clothes: Yep. The Bum’nTum is here to stay.
Gender: Girl! Avery Jane!
Movement: Movement has significantly increased this week, which I love. I feel her several times during the day – almost at any time that I sit down and relax. If I’m up and moving, then I don’t feel her as often – maybe all the jostling puts her to sleep – but she kicks and rolls all the time now, and I love it. :)
Sleep: My sleeping hasn’t yet been hampered too much by back pain, but it’s definitely coming. My back aches a lot now when I don’t change position for awhile, and so does my pelvis. When I wake up in the morning and try to get up I just grooooooan and mooooan from the pain in my back and pelvis.
What I miss: Being able to get up from the ground or sofa quickly and without looking like a 90 year old. I also miss walking like a normal human being rather than a penguin.
Cravings: Craving sweets this week was bad – I wanted a lot of chocolate and I had an amazing sugar cookie that I’ll admit caused me some moderate ED freakage outage. But I overcame. :)
Symptoms: Lotsa peeing, back pain, pelvic pain, oh and leg cramps were so annoying this week – I felt like I had a constant charlie horse, and I know I sounded like a weiner whiner with all of my complaining about it; poor Brandon!
Best Moment of the Week: Golfing with my boys. I know this has nothing to do with pregnancy, but it was still awesome to spend some quality time with my men. I also had a fabulous Mothers’ Day, and I loved being celebrated – who doesn’t?
Appointments This Week? Yep, I had an appt this week. Everything looked great – I’m measuring spot on, and Avery’s heartbeat sounded strong and perfect. I’m going in next week for an ultrasound, as they like to monitor fetal growth in people with lung disease, but I’m confident she’ll look just right. :)
What I’m looking forward to: My Sister Trip in 2 weeks – a whole weekend of relaxing in the sun and getting tan and spending some quality time with my mom and sisters and 2 nieces. :)
One Thing I've Learned This Week: Golfing while pregnant throws off your whole center of gravity and makes you quite top-heavy. My swing looks awkward but I think the extra weight I have gives me more power to swing, haha. When I birth this little one, I’ll pry have to learn to swing all over again, sans the little butterball in my tummy.  I've also learned that if unchecked and left to my own devices, I can eat a sugar cookie as big as a dinner plate.  This is not an exaggeration.
Pictures from this week:
Going to the gym at 27 weeks


Stacy said...

I love you little pregnancy updates. week 27 is pretty big in my mind... My lil' 27wkr is a perfect 9mo old now so I see it as a big milestone for healthy babies. Golfing rocks too :-)

battleinmind said...

wow, I'm getting so excited for you! The baby moving just sounds so exciting! These posts make me feel super broody!

brie said...

stacy, i cannot believe you had your little one at 27 weeks - i am so happy she is okay. :) phew! hopefully baby AJ will be cookin' for awhile still!

Stevie said...

You look awesome, Brie! And cauliflower totally looks like brain. :D

Kerri said...

Brie, I was born at 27 weeks-- and I turned 30 in December, so I think you can really start to relax about little Miss Avery in there! :) Yay! I can't wait to 'see' her.