Monday, May 9, 2011

Golfing Greenie

This weekend I had a first – attempting to golf, past the easy peasy miniature golf variety. Husband goes quite often – at least 2-3 times a week, and I finally agreed to go with him – and guess what? I HAD SO MUCH FUN. It’s fabulous exercise to get while pregnant, because it’s not too intense and doesn’t get me all hot and bothered, and how can I complain when I’m walking around in beautiful 75 degree weather and taking my anger out by swinging a club as hard as I can?

I’m excited too, because I know this isn’t something I’d have done 5, 2, or even 1 year ago – being so entrenched in my ED, I’d have had no interest to pursue such random (and difficult!) things such as golfing (or even CROTCH STITCHING). I kind of like to view my leap into trying new and different things as an indication that I’m leaving the ED behind and trying to discover things I like to do and that I’m good at so that I can get this whole “new identity without the ED thing” down.

I look SO pregnant.  Ohemgee.

Anyway, at first golf was frustrating, because before we went to the course, I was learning how to swing in the backyard. A couple of little wieners from next door came and stood at the chain-link fence, intertwined their fingers in it, and started heckling the hell out of me and Brandon! I kid you not – some little 4 and 6 year olds were MAKING FUN OF US and our golf swings. It took EVERYTHING I had in me not to take my pitching wedge to their bratty little butts. Once they got bored of us though, and left us alone, I felt better – the pressure was off, haha. (So sad I feel pressure due to teeny little effers!)

Also, I’m pretty naturally athletic *hair flip* so I think I’m going to pick it up pretty quickly. I even got a “bogie,” and while I’d heard the term before, I never knew what it was until Saturday. Brandon was duly impressed. :)

Anyway, here’s to new hobbies, and to discovering new things and abilities about myself that I never gave myself a chance to discover before!

Also – I hope you all had a fabulous Mothers Day – I had such an amazing day and weekend – Brandon spoiled the crap out of me. He gave me the ahhhmazing yellow Keens you see me wearing in the golf photos, a new set of golf clubs, and a gift card. The best part was getting a card from Cade where he’d worked SO HARD to write his name all by himself…I stared at it in wonder – I get the cheesy mom gifts now – and I love them!


alriggells said...

We'll have to have a girls golf day. I am not too grand at it, however I have a set of clubs and I enjoy it. :) Glad you learned a new hobby. You rock my socks, HAPPY M DAY, and we need a play date. :)

battleinmind said...

Oooh check you all golfed up :) Looks so much fun. You two make SUCH a cute couple.

Penny said...

Oh my goodness. I love your insights and I love your willingness to enhance your life and you look so cute doing it too!