Monday, May 2, 2011

I Gots Skillz

Oh don't worry, I only learned to crochet this weekend.  What did you losers learn to do?

I, like, make things. (For Avery)
PS - We're out of the triple digits on my baby widget counter downer thinger!  Woohoo!

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Kerri said...

Awesome! I can knit, embroider, sew, I can make quilts, I scrapbook (both digital and regular) I am handsewing a english paper pieced quilt now.. but for the life of me I CANNOT get crochet! It eludes me and my leftiness. I didn't teach myself any of these things until after my soon was born though so i never got to make anything for him. I have big plans for a quilt for his bed for next winter though. :) Congrats on your new skills!! I wanna see waht you make for her when you are done.