Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some Happenings

Why hello precious kittens.  Missin' you.

I am so sad about the house news - that we won't be moving in until August, instead of this month.  Brandon and I are still scratching our heads because we cannot figure out for the life of us what is going to take so stinking long.  Today they are installing all the lights, the countertops are almost done, the cupboards are in, the house is painted...they still have to install the carpet, but that is almost all - oh and all the toilets and sinks - but really, does that take an entire month?  NO!  So it sucks.  I had my hopes up so high.  And yeah yeah, I know that in the grand scheme of things, a month is nothing, but I was still hoping.

I'm trying to not let all this house stuff get me too down, but I will admit it's kind of thrown me for a loop.  I know I need to focus on the fact that we even have this awesome house to move into, and I should be grateful for that, and of course I am, but yeah.  I guess it's still okay to be sad that we're not moving as soon as anticipated.

I am headed to Ikea today to look at curtains and lamps and all that stuff though, so maybe that'll cheer me up.  :)

Soooo....I am freaking over the moon excited for my birthday in a couple weeks.  Brandon is taking me to see Wicked on my birthday - BESSSSSSST birthday present eva!  I have wanted to see the musical for a long time, and last time it came to Utah, which was like 5ish years ago, we couldn't afford tickets.  But Brandon got me tickets for my birthday, and we're even going right on the day of my birthday, and I am like a giddy school girl!  I am familiar with the songs ("For Good" LITERALLY makes me cry every time I hear it) and I've read the book, so I am so freaking excited to finally be seeing it in person.  Idina Menzel, who originally played Elphaba, is kind of my new hero.  Unfortunately she's not touring anymore with Wicked, so I won't get to see her live, but I have been youtubing every video of her singing as Elphaba, and I have a major girl-crush on her.  (That's her in the pic.)

Sigh.  I am so excited!

Well, the writage of my bookage has majorly slowed down.  And by slowed down, I mean it isn't happening right now.  It's just HARD with kids.  It's like, could I say, Hey Cade, don't ask for a PB&J when you're hungry, and keep yourself occupied for a few hours, hell go outside by yourself, just don't get kidnapped or hit by a car.  And Mila, don't need your diaper changed or need to be held or need a bottle or anything.  Because I need to write.

I can't say that.
I just don't have time right now, it's so hard having kids who need so much all the time.  And it's even harder to write a sentence or two at a time before I have to help the kids with something.  Even as I've been writing this blog, I've literally had to stop like 10 times to help the kids with something.  It's just so tough to find the time.

And in the evenings when Brandon is home, I'm torn between finally having time to write, between either working or just plain ol' wanting to be with him, since it seems I get so little time with him lately.

I suppose I need to find better ways to manage my time.  :/

Work is sill going well.  At first it was kind of tough because I'm not a confrontive person by nature, and I'm also kinda nice, and so having to hold firm boundaries and rules with the girls was hard, because I honestly just wanted to say yes to everything they asked just so they wouldn't get mad and we'd have to deal with them blowing up at me and cussing me out and all that jazz.  And I knew that as soon as I got some confidence, things would get easier at work, and that does seem to be the case, thankfully.  I am getting better at telling them no and holding them accountable for when they break rules, etc.  And you know what?  They actually respect me more for it!  Last night while working, I was holding a rule with a specific girl who wanted me to bend the rules for her, but I held my ground, and she got angry and blew up, but then actually came back to me later and apologized to me.  And I was like...who knew that being "mean" could be good!?  Holla!  Anyway, I'm learning, and that is also making the job better for me.

Okay, this is long, bam.  Better go.  Love ya'll.


Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

You are going to LOVE Wicked!!!!!!! I saw it on Broadway like 5 years ago and it was TO DIE FOR! ENJOY!!!!

simonattic said...

First off, I'm sooooo jealous you get a new house! : )

Second, I agree, getting anything worthwhile done with kids who constantly need undivided attention is HARD. Especially with an almost toddler. You have your whole lifetime to write your book.....don't beat yourself up for not writing! I suspect that In 20 years you will be more thankful that you got Cade his pb&j and Mila's bottle rather than typing at a computer....and they will be more appreciative too!

brie said...

Thanks for the comments ladies. :)

I am so excited for Wicked on Broadway. Peeing my pantaloons!

allegri said...

So jealous that you have tickets to wicked! That totally stinks about your house ):

I kinda miss working in psych. But then... I don't. I hated the power struggles and the terrible behavior... yet, "civilized" adults tend to have the same behavior sometimes... le sigh.

Jenn said...

I have LOVED Idina Menzel ever since I saw her in Rent years and years ago ; ) I actually just posted one of my favorite songs of hers on my blog a few days ago. lol.

I saw Wicked last year and even though I knew it was going to be crazy amazing... it was even better than that!!! You are going to love it! ; ) I am exited for you!