Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Miss 11 Months

Mila turned 11 months on the 27th of June.  I cannot believe my baby is almost one.  I've had her with me for almost an entire year, and it has been the best year of my life, hands down.  How did I live with out her?

Mila has been growing and changing SO MUCH.  She is a pretty talented little crawler; she can get where she wants really fast.  Totally mastered the art of speed crawilng, that's for sure.  And, now that she's mobile, she gets into EVERYTHING.  I'll walk around and find a pile of books, or a pile of DVD's, or a pile of my socks and underwear, and I think, Yep, that little stinker has been here, all right.  Left her markings!

She isn't walking yet, but she's close.  She stands on her own now, without having to hold onto anything for balance.  She'll just stand up in the middle of a room and look around and just chill until she eventually loses her balance and plunks onto her bottom.  I give it another month or so until she'll be todding around.  So excited for that.  :)

Mila is also still my Toothless Wonder.  Yes, at nearly one year old, my child still has no teeth.  I find this incredible.  None are even on the horizon, either!  Cade was slow getting teeth too, but not this slow - by almost a year, he had one bottom tooth.  I suppose she's just taking her time with the ol' chompers, and I'm perfectly okay with that - as long as she doesn't go all freakazoid on me and never grow ANY teeth.  Shivers.

Mila is still insanely happy.  She loves her big brother more than anything and always wants to be doing what he is doing.  She is a little stranger shy and doesn't like people holding her that she isn't familiar with .  For sure her favorite people are her mommy and daddy and grandma.  She is always smiling though, and I must have trained her well, because the minute she sees a camera, EVEN IF I'M NOT POINTING IT AT HER, she stops what she's doing, and grins like a little fool.  Makes me laugh every time.  :)

She is also obsessed with Diet Coke, and this is something I am NOT happy about!  I don't want my 11 month old getting hopped up on caffeine, but she wants it so desperately.  Every time she sees me drinking some, she lunges and whines for the can, and even though I keep it out of her reach, the little Diet Coke Demon REFUSES to give up and tries and tries and begs and begs for some.  I mean, I belive that Diet Coke is truly the nectar of the Gods, so I get why she likes it so much, but a growing baby needs vit. D milk, not carbonation and caffeine!  What am I to do?

We are weaing Mila off her formula and starting to give her vit. D milk.  So far the transistion is going just fine; she is acclimating to the new taste without really any hiccups.  I am happy it is going so well and even happier that milk is so much cheaper than formula!  Hooray for saving like $40 a month!

So, that's what's been happening in Mila's little world.  So happy she is mine.  :)


Liz said...

That little girl is the cutest!

simonattic said...

What a sweetie! The time sure flies by fast! I bet she's going to have so much fun exploring the new house!

alriggells said...

She is so stinking cute and makes the world a brighter place. LOVE IT, LOVE HER!!!

ania said...

Wow, she really looks like a big girl in the last photograph.

"it has been the best year of my life, hands down." was so beautiful to read.