Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New House Adventure Week 18

Lots of fun changes to our house this week.  They painted the stucco to its final color, and they put in the wood floors and the flooring in the laundry room and bathrooms.  They also finished painting.  Only problem with all this is that they messed up on the flooring in the master bathroom; they put in something we didn't want.  SO they are going to have to go back and fix that, but other than that, things look great!

The outside of the house.  The stucco and trim is painted, what still isn't finished are the columns and the light blueish gray hardy back...that still needs to be painted.  But I love our colors, and I love our stones!

A close up of our stones that are going to drive the OCD people that read this blog crazy... ;)

This is the best picture I could get of our wood floor, because most of it was covered with cardboard, just to protect it.  I still really like it though!

Our kitchen that isn't yet a kitchen.  Notice all the beautiful hardwood covered.

The flooring in the master bath that actually isn't right.

I took this picture so that you could see how far off the color of our walls is to white.  The color of paint we chose was called "White Wood," but I pictured it with more of a gray tint, so I'm not sure how I feel about it.  This feels very tan!

The flooring in the laundry room...

Flooring in the kid's bathroom.  Nothing new, it's the same flooring..

Had to get a picture of Daddy and Mila...they were in the process of high-fiving each other.  :)

I love my nook!

And the finished product of the board and batten in the living room.  So purty!

So that's it.  This week they are installing all the cupboards, then countertops are coming next.  We are thinking and HOPING that this'll all be done in just a few weeks!!


Liz said...

You're going to living in a new house in no time, that is so exciting!

Lou said...

Your house is AWESOME! So exciting for you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! The outside totally looks like a house now.

I am jealous of your nook.

bri said...

Yay brie!!! So incredibly jealous! U and ur fam definitely deserve it though. Keep posting LOTS of pics. Gives me ideas:). Love u!!