Monday, July 9, 2012


So Jackson Galaxy and My Cat From Hell have pretty much convinced me that I need to be taking my cats out for walks.  This isn't easy, because cats don't like being in a harness and stuck on a leash.  But, they can be trained.  So I decided that it was time to buy harnesses and leashes for le kitties, and to start walking them around, in the hopes that they could get some exercise, and be able to explore the Great Outdoors in a manner that was still safe.  A total win situation, right?

So I go to Petco.  I buy two harnesses and leashes that are specifically made for cats, in the LARGEST size they make, because really let's face it, my cats are huge. Fat.  Obese.  Morbidly Obese.  I don't judge, but you get the picture.

So I get home, and I can baaarrreeeeely squeeze Hairy into the harness, but Fatty Pants (Bobbi) was not even close to fitting in it.  And I was like, diz-amn, what do I do, these are the biggest they make!!

So I went back to Petco this morning, explained my problem, and some very nice lady helped me find a dog harnes that we think will fit Bobbi.  Yes, she has graduated to a medium size dog harness, for 20-30 pounders.

And she hates it.  I think she feels bad because I had to buy her a bigger one.

But Hairy LOVES her harness, and she loves exploring outside!  I think it's so cute.

So Cade and I took the cats out for an adventure today, and I think that as soon as they get used to their harnesses, this is going to be a success.  

Although, so far I don't think I'm walking the cats, I think THEY are walking ME.  I have so far had to crouch underneath the house and thrash my way through some bushes to keep up with Hairy.  She aways did like trying the road less taken...


beam said...

I like the fact that your one cat wears a medium dog harness. She must be intimidating!

Our neighbor's cat takes walks with them, no leash involved. Just walks right along beside them.

simonattic said...

That's In the winter, perhaps you could harness them to a sled! Make them work for room and board. : )

Arielle Bair (Becker) said...

Okay so I totally love the last pic of you and the kitteh. Holy crap, that is a sassy little pic of snuggly goodness. And yes, you know I'm a crazy cat lady, so you're not surprised. Anyway, that's hilarious that you tried walking them and hilarious that they hated it. And poor, poor Hairy having to wear a doggie leash. :-(