Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Love

I have decided that I love to golf.  I get passionate about things, and right now golf is like My Thing.  I get to be out in the sunshine and get a bit of exercise and spend time with my man, what's not to love?  Seriously, with how hard things have's been like my outlet.

I love golf.  Golfy golfy golf.  Ramma lamma golf schmolf.

PS - Brandon and I have been going to the Mick Riley golf course.  I always get confuzzled and tell him we're going to the Mitt Romney golf course.  ;)


David and Amanda said...

Must be in the gene pool. Your Kissell cousins love it too. It is not my game though, I will stick to Catan and leave golfing to David and Darin.

Penny said...

Goofy Golf? Love your alliteration and your post. I love that you love... and you look very professional putting. I am jealous!!