Friday, June 17, 2011

I Suck at Being Pregnant

My lungs, unfortunately, continue to suck. I had an appt with my OB yesterday, and they were once again concerned that they weren’t functioning as well as they should be both for me and Baby A. I was also worried because over the past two or so days, I hadn’t felt her move as much – the little bugger just would not move, no matter how much orange juice and caffeine I drank to wake her up, or even despite pushes and prods to my tummy.

So, because of her decreased movements, they sent me to get an NST done (non-stress test) to make sure that Avery was okay and also that I wasn’t having contractions. (Avery passed the test with flying colors.) My OB then called my pulmonologist, and they have decided that for the remainder of my pregnancy, I am to be on steroids to keep my lungs working. This is problematic for a few reasons:

1. The steroids I’m on are not meant to be taken long term. I’ve taken them many times in the past, but it has always been for a week or two at most – just long enough to jumpstart my lungs. Being on them long-term is not ideal because you get all sorts of sucky side effects on these pills, including bone density loss, and my least favorite side-effect, increased hunger and thirst. Also, there is an increased risk of pre-term labor, but they are not as worried about that, since I am 32 weeks, and Avery is growing fine.

2. So, I’m pregnant. That right there gives me a free pass to be as emotional and hormonal as I need to be, and trust me, I’m a hot mess. But combine that with a high dose of steroids, and I am stark raving mad. I swear. I’ll cry at the drop of a hat and I’m HOT and hungry and thirsty and if you look at me wrong I’ll either burst into tears or bite your head off. So beware.  Also, with all the steroids I'm on, I'm wondering if Avery is going to come out looking like a body builder?

I have to get NST’s done weekly for the remainder of my pregnancy, to continue to make sure A is okay despite this lung stuff, and in 2 weeks I am going back for another ultrasound to monitor A’s growth. I was measuring a bit small yesterday, which completely surprises me because my stomach is SO GIGANTIC. Also, when I see my OB next, she said we are going to come up with a birth plan to get this baby out of me. I have a feeling that they’ll induce me early, as my asthma is just not getting better despite all the lung meds I’m on. For some women who have asthma and are pregnant, their asthma tends to get worse, and that looks like that’s the case with me.  Just my luck, of course.

So, I’m miserable. I’m hot and hungry and can drink about a liter of Diet Coke (caffeine free of course, for the babe) at a time. I’m big and getting bigger and I can hardly bend over. My back is killing me, and I have heart burn up the wazoo. If I walk up a flight of stairs, I can’t breathe. Sentimental commercials and email forwards make me cry.
Don’t I sound like so much fun to be around? :/

I absolutely suck at being pregnant. :(


Tylaine said...


You are doing a marvelous job at being the best mommy you can be for little Avery. You look so beautiful and have the cutest baby bump ever (and taste in maternity clothes)
On a positive note they have the comfiest chairs ever for the NST :)
Pretty soon you'll have your precious baby girl in your arms :)

brie said...

tylaine, you bringing up the comfortable nst chairs made me laugh, because when i sat in it, i thought the same thing! i never wanted to get up from it! :)

Missy said...

But you ROCK at being a Mommy so there's that. (0:

David and Amanda said...

Our first baby was a preemie. I had complications and they knew she was going to come early (6 weeks early). They gave me steriod on purpose to make her lungs develop faster so she could breathe on her own when she was born. There are positive side effects for baby A. Maybe she will be an amazing singer with amazing lung capacity! Just think of steriods as a secret source of strength. Not a feaky body builder thing. You are doing great! You keep inspiring us all with your wit, candid honesty , and humor. And I am glad you had a comfy NST chair. I didn't. When we had our twins, I had a NST every week for the last 3 months and I had to sit on an uncomfortable table and because it ws for two, it took twice as long. Ugh. Stay positive!