Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lagoon 2011

Brandon and Cade and I had so much fun going to Lagoon on Saturday.  Brandon's employer was sponsoring a day for everyone in the company to go, so we enjoyed being able to go for free, which is awesome because Lagoon is ridicufreakishly expensive these days. 

I, of course, couldn't ride any rides because I'm "fo' shiz up the spout," but I wanted to go anyway and be with Cade and be apart of his memories - I mean, if he remembers this day at all, I hope he remembers that his mama trekked the park with him while 7 1/2 months pregnant, just to be with him.  You know?  And we had fun!  I did a lot of sitting on benches, but it was really fun to see Cade so happy and so excited.  That made the whole trip worth it, right there.

Anyway, we still don't have a camera, but I managed to snap a few pics with my camera phone to document the day.  Here some of them are:

 In line for the first ride of the day...

Daddy and Cade riding Puff the Magic Dragon.  This was Cade's favorite ride, and he was so excited to ride it all week.  He keeps asking me to sing the song, but I don't know the lyrics, so I keep making up verses laced with drug innuendos that Cade doesn't get.  ;)
 Riding the train.  Also, my hair?


Cammy said...

That is one seriously huge spider, Aragog's American cousin or something. =)

Great pictures, your whole family is beautiful.


Looks like your cute family had a fun time. I'm so happy. Everyone needs a little change and excitment- even if that makes going to Lagoon. Glad you were able to get out and spend the day with some sun! :)

Hope you are well...


t. said...

looks fun! and i am totally digging your shirt.

Kara said...

Love the churro pics!