Tuesday, June 21, 2011

33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33 weeks.
Size of baby: According to BabyCenter, she weighs just over 4 pounds and has even passed the 17 inch mark. She’s definitely running out of room in my tummy – Cade was only 18 inches long when he was born, so to think of this bebe getting nearly that big…wow. She’s coming soon! (Compare her this week to a pineapple.)
Total Weight Gain: I’ve tried to be really creative every time I answer this question, but really…how many ways can I say that I don’t know? So. Moving on.
Maternity Clothes: It’s been all maternity, all the time, for a looooong time now. I even have a couple of maternity shirts I can no longer wear because they aren’t long enough to cover my tummy.
Gender: Girl! Avery Jane!
Movement: I had a scare early last week where I just wasn’t feeling her move as much, but she’s making up for it now. Also, for the remainder of my pregnancy I will be getting NST’s, so I can be reassured that she is okay and as active as she needs to be.
Sleep: It’s just getting worse and worse. I’ve actually started taking my Ambien in the middle of the night when I wake up, around 4ish am, because if I don’t, I’ll be up for the rest of the night. It’s helping a bit, which is good, but I really can’t remember the last time I just had a nice calm night where I slept entirely through the night.
What I miss: I miss my body not feeling so foreign to me. Having a 4 pound parasite in there is really weird and hard sometimes. Everything from my appetite to the way I walk feels off kilter and just plain strange. I also miss with a fiery passion being able to lie on my stomach. Dear readers, never take this for granted! Sleeping on my side hurts my back, and sleeping on my back I HATE.
Cravings: Lotsa fruit this week. I have seriously probably consumed an entire watermelon this week (I’m noshing on it as I type this).
Symptoms: Lotsa peeing, (and I mean lotttssssaaaaa) I’m getting this pregnancy waddle down, back pain, Braxton Hicks contractions, and a complete inability to paint my toenails.
Best Moment of the Week: Sitting on those comfy NST chairs and being reassured that Avery is thriving. I was also eating a mini Twix bar while getting the test done, and for some reason that just tasted randomly really really good. NOW I WANT A TWIX.
Appointments This Week? I am scheduled to get an NST done on Thursday, but won’t see my OB unless there is a problem. I have plenty of other appointments though, from therapy to dietary to lung stuff. Interested in hearing about them? ;) Also, the following Thursday I have an ultrasound scheduled, and we’ll also discuss my birth plan, so I am muchos excited for this appointment.
What I’m looking forward to: HAVING THIS BABY.
One Thing I've Learned This Week: That I’m getting tired of doing this little survey, honestly. Maybe I need to come up with a new one? Sorry if you’re as bored reading this, as I perhaps am filling it out. It’s really important to me to document this pregnancy, but maybe I need to find a more creative way to do it? Ideas?
Pictures from this week:
 Parked on a bench at Lagoon.
 Me and my bun rockin' it with Cade on the train.
Big belly at 33 weeks.


Unknown said...

so exciting girlie! hope your NST comes back normal this week! She will be here soon! (just not too soon ;)

Lindsay said...

You look so dang adorable. :)

Erin said...

Your legs look black! What up with that?