Thursday, June 2, 2011

Enter 7 Months

Sorry for the lack of updatage lately.  I will admit to you, loyal readers, that girlfriend's been going through a pretty tough time these past couple weeks, and blogging just hasn't ranked as high on the priority list as say you know, breathing and eating and trying to cope and not like DIE in my misery.

So, a full update will be coming soon, and I promise to resume my regularly scheduled pregnancy updates next week, as well.  I have mucho to update you on, including but not limited to, quitting my job, going to the hospital for lung stuff, (Avery is okay!) and Cade stuff.  For now, here's a couple of pics of me, taken at 30 weeks pregnant.

More soon, I swearsies!


Stacy said...

you are looking amazing. your perfect bump and all hip and cute!
sorry about the breathing issues. that has to suck. I very deep breath is on the horizon when you finally hold your 3rd baby and your lungs get a break from breathing for 2!

kate said...

Keep working lungs!!! Praying for you + the fam! You are sooo uber cute, if Avery has an 1/8th of your genes she is going to be a heartbreaker.

Hope the sun on the horizon has you smiling + only 10 more weeks until you have little miss in your arms!