Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet my Partner in Crime

I’d like to introduce to you my friend and co-author of our book…er…Untitled.
Meet Shelly.
The Shell-Meister.
Shell Biscuits (only you can’t call her that because ONLY I CAN).

Shelly’s awesome. She’s in recovery from a very serious eating disorder herself and is seasoned, like me, in the ins and outs of inpatient treatment for an eating disorder and related addictions. She has a lot of wit and insight to add to the book and it’s going to be really, really great. Seriously you guys, we’re so excited!  But, of course, she's much more than an eating disorder.  She's sarcastic and witty and funny as hell and kind and I totes admire her for all the hard work she's done to get where she is today.  She's da raddest.
So, please check out her blog here so that you can get to know her more.

And if you hate her, then I HATE YOU so be nice.  :P


KatieS said...

I don't comment very often (I'm not sure if I've ever commented on your blog before, actually), but I have to say that this sounds awesome. I love both of you, and it's blowing my mind just a little bit to think of you two collaborating.

Kerri said...

I went to check out Shelly's blog and then when I got there I realized I 'knew' her already! Okay so obviously not personally, but still. Now I am even more excited about your book! It's going to be so great. :)

allegri said...

SO EXCITED! I can't wait to divulge in her blog!

agoraphob said...

Thanks guys!!!

The Biscuit.

Missy said...

This is exciting! I took some time to peruse Shelley's blog and I am really enjoying her blogger-stylings!
You two will make a great team, I am sure.

From her picture...could it be she is the same Shelly from the Lauren Greenfield Doc?

brie said...

yes, it is the very same shelly from the documentary THIN. (many were wondering that, considering my inbox this morning and how many emails i had, asking me the very same question...


Alexandra Rising said...

You probably just got your partner in crime about 50+ more followers.

Best of luck in your endeavors and writing...!