Monday, August 31, 2009

Note to self:

Do not eat beef jerky and protein bars simultaneously. Not only will you choke, but you’ll get some pretty gnarly breath afterward. Make an effort to get more protein for Baby through more socially acceptable channels. Preferably one that involves not eating meat with peanut butter nougats and chocolate. Learned the hard way

Miss your dear niece Marissa who is going to study abroad for the semester in Israel. Be jealous. Contemplate ways to hide in her suitcase. She needs a bigger suitcase

Revel the Nerd in Me as I re-read the 7th Harry Potter book. Work on my British accent. Reveling and accenting

Start a band on Rock Band and name it either Brilliantly Mental, Tense Toward the Chicken, or I Did Not Enter. Lean toward the chicken one. Leaning

Decide to like your new T because she wrote an email that says “If you survive therapy with me, you can be one of the few who can claim to survive my ass-kickings!” (Barely surviving said AK’s, but deciding to like)

Be excited for your first appt with the OB tomorrow. Be thrilled to see baby’s heartbeat, dissociate through the pap schmear part Thrilled but not for The Schmear

Feel so guilty I’ll pry burn in hell for these Pregnancy Lethargies. Burning

Crave crepes with powdered sugar (GET IN MY BELLY NOW) Craving

Be happy Angela (twin brother’s wife) is due with baby #1 a week before me, and sis-in-law Laura is due with #3 ONE day before me There will be a plethora of babies

Post a pic of burgeoning belly. (It’s growing, it’s growing!) Maybe



Kara said...

Love your post! You make a simple To Do List fun to read. Good luck at the OB and good luck with your ass-kicking T!

lisalisa said...

You got a new T? Please tell me you did not get dumped by the old one!
Crepes, yummmm. I was craving for crepes yesterday.

Amber said...

I love beef jerky, but when I eat it I get reminded of Escalante. That was the first time I had it. Also, don;t forget to take wet wipes to the doc tomorrow!! Good luck!!

HAFC said...

oooooo......I love crepes with powdered sugar! Now my tummy is growling.

alana.rachelle said...

hi love,
what happened to m?!?!?!?
i know i've been mia for quite some time, but i need an update! perhaps over crepes? let me know...

tawny said...

powder sugar and crepes. way super yum. love.

beef jerky and a flippin protein bar?? girl so gross!!!

dontcha' just love pregnancy? :)

Amy said...

Good luck at your appointment tomorrow. Tell Doctor Nielson I said hello, we're good buddies!

Penny said...

My notes to self are all about shopping or going to the Post office or something. So give yourself some credit and
Make another note on your blog to yourself and say something like this: "Glad that i can see the humor in my life. It is a gift and I am giving some laughter and needed fun to others. I guess I might be just a little bit OK?"

brie said...

alana - nope, not seeing m anymore. suuuuper long story. i think i should regale you with the tale over crepes or orgasmic RR fries. what say ye??

amy - i'm not seeing doc N! i'm so sad! i have to see a high risk OB, so he will not be able to give me hugs when i have my meltdowns. sad!! :(