Thursday, August 20, 2009

We're Moving Because -

Hello lovers!

Okay, okay, so here’s why we’re moving:

Brandon is majoring in Mechanical Engineering which I don’t know much about other than the fact he’s super smart and can solve math equations that give me low self-esteem even looking at them. His classes are really difficult, and he’s had to take only a couple classes at a time because he’s been working for The Man full-time, and between that and school and homework, the poor trooper has been running on empty and frustrated. SO Husband is stepping down as manager of [company where he works.] He is going to still work there, but not have the managerial duties and work only 25ish hours a week. He is going to go to school hard-core, like it’s going out of style, and work less – which means we’ll make less green stuff. So, because of that, the house we’re living in currently is going to be rented out, and we’re going to hold our heads high while we move into my parental unit’s house. They’ve got a nice basement apartment, and we’re totally scoring because they’re not going to charge us rent and we can glean them for their internet and cable. That way Big Bster can finish school much faster and we can be rich much faster and then I’ll go on a shopping spree and take off my shirt and do an Irish jig. It’s all planned out.

So we’re moving this Saturday cuz school starts on Monday, and The Husband doesn’t want to try to move while being smart and swamped at school. So yes I’m 25 and am moving in with my parents. I’m such a shining star. But Mum’s a really good cook, I like her tacos. Shining Stars like tacos.

Yesterday I saw a pink Volkswagen Beetle in the parking lot at work. I totally want to own it. Or at least hump it.


Dena said...

Yes, you are a shining star; and doing what is best for your family is never anything to be ashamed of!
Good luck and congratulations on your pregnancy!

Pattie Cordova said...

1. I {heart} pink VWs

2. I think it's awesome that you two realize what is best for your family... best of luck to the Bster on his schooling. I have trouble counting in my head LOL

Standing in the Rain said...

dude. i JUST moved out the parents house (yet again) a few weeks ago, and i'm going on 27 here in a few days. so seriously, no worries on that one! and hey, you are married, have a kid, and preggers, so you're like all adultish and stuff anyway! :)

inthemainstream said...

There are a lot of stupid reasons to move back in with your parents, but saving money for babies and finishing school are not two of them. That's cool that they have a separate apartment area, so you can create some distance as sanity dictates.

sona said...

Good for you guys!Id say youre super brave for realising and doing what you need and whats best for you!go you!

Best of luck!XX

sona said...

Good for you guys!Id say youre super brave for realising and doing what you need and whats best for you!go you!

Best of luck!XX

Maeve said...

I think moving back to your parents house is a sign of maturity. You've made a decision that will help your whole family in the long run. Plus your parents sound super cool :-)

I hope the actual moving part goes well. Packing and moving are horrible adventures!!!

Maeve said...
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tawny said...

I H A T E moving with alll of my heart. seriously. It is the worst worst worst worst worst. ugh

But this is a good move for you. hopefully quick and painless..(yeah right!)

and i like your pink volkswagon idea, i will take your white one NOW... i love your car, it's pretty

Telstaar said...

*hugs* I'm glad that you guys have this opportunity! I really will be praying it ALL goes okay, the moving, the living, the studying, the convincing-miss b-she is smart... :)

Love you muchly miss!!! xox

bananas said...

The move sounds nothing but positive, actually. Except for the actual MOVING part, which always sucks! It will be nice for B to really pick up on school and for money saving. Good stuff!

Penny said...

We are happy that you are coming so that you can get on with the Rest of Your Life. I promise to make tacos lots.

kristin said...

Good luck with everything Brie! :)

Shannon said...

Shining Stars definitely like tacos. I had a delish carnitas one at Chipotle today. Mmmm. Anyways, major CONGRATS on your pregnancy. I sincerely hope you are feeling better soon soon soon. I am tempted to have another baby then I remember how much I don't like being pregnant and how much I enjoy sleeping through the night. Babies sure are adorable though. Good luck with the move and enjoy having the built in babysitters!

Kara said...

After being on my own for a looong time, I moved home when I was 24 for almost a year. At first I was really embarrassed, but people are so understanding. And I realized that it really is o-k-a-y. I didn't need to be embarrassed at all.

This move sounds like it's exactly what your family needs right now. But like JB said, the actual moving part kinda sucks. I'll pray that everything goes smoothly.

You rock, Brie!

HAFC said...

Okay, thanks, now I get it. Hey, I've lived with so many other families by this point that I think nothing of it. If it's what you and B need right now, then it's gotta be a good choice! Is this the same house I was put in when I got so sick with that horrid cough and chills forever and a day ago? You pretty much kidnapped me from my apt. and I think I had an almost near death experience in your car while going back to your place. : )

Hey.....I haven't seen a pink beetle yet! But, be as it may, I now have my cute little RED Beetle that suits me perfectly and me is h-a-p-p-y!!!!!

Good luck with the move and all that comes with it! Hey.....weren't you the one who got me addicted to Skinny Cow's?????? I think so. Anyway, I haven't had one in, like, YEARS, until Timothy and I got together and now the fridge is always filled with Skinny Cow's and for some reason they remind me of you. : )

Take care,

Krystle said...

I think that's great though! He's working hard towards a positive end. You guys rock, and don't hump the Beetle too hard. You'll need it to go shopping soon! ;)

Gena said...

I think you're making an excellent decision, I mean, if you care what I think. Enjoy your mama's tacos and all the other perks that come with living with someone who totally adores you.

And humping the pink VW? Oh my gosh, you sound just like my 23 year old daughter. That is exactly what she would say. No, wait, she HAS said that.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Alexandra Rising said...

Stalk the pink VW and take photos!

The move sounds 100% logical [and like an amazing deal! Your parents must be wonderful people :)]. Also, how wise to only RENT OUT your home, rather than straight up sell it. I never would have realized that was an option, but it makes perfect sense.

I hope the packing/moving/unpacking stress comes closer to an end soon..although, from experience, I know the phase of 'unpacking' never seems to end. Ever.

Tanya said...

Well at least you have a parental unit to move in with to make things easier. And besides with how little energy you have with being prego it might be good to be around your mum to help with cade yes?

I totally want that pink vw...that sounds like the coolest car. Mmmmm

Laura said...


I think that is the name of a porn flick I saw back in the 80's