Thursday, August 27, 2009

New E.D. MD

Had my first appt with the new ED doc yesterday. I'm praising Big Brother for GPS navigation, anti-nausea candy, and water-proof mascara, without which I would have never made it to my appt.

A few observations re: said appointment:

1. I had to get weighed in a HOSPITAL GOWN.
2. As in, I wasn't wearing any clothes.
3. And this was weird.
4. I had to get on the scale backward and the scale was like a double-wide with handles and could literally fit a suburban on it.
5. And this made me paranoid.

Why do I need to wear a gown? I mean, what does she think I'm packing?

What's that you say? Ankle weights?
Oh, yeah.


Tanya said...

b, I would love the name of this MD...if you don't mind please.

Tanya said...

Finally some doc learns....

that's a miracle...;)

brie said...

Sure, T. Send me an email so I don't forget.

Kara said...

Were you really wearing ankle weights or are you just kidding? (I'm dense, sometimes).

bananas said...

Oh good! I'm liking this doctor more already!

kristin said...

I wish you luck with this new doc! I really hope that this doc can help you! :)

brie said...

Kara, nah. I didn't wear ankle weights to my appt on Wednesday but I'll admit I have in the past to other doctors/dieticians.