Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last night went something like this:

We sat down to dinner.
Cade started crying.
Nephew #1 started yelling.
Nephew #2 hid under the table.
My anxiety rose.
My dad laughed, because there was nothing else to do.
Brandon commented that he didn’t think I’d eaten enough.
I punched him in the leg.
Nephew #2 wouldn’t stop poking Cade.
Cade screamed.
My anxiety rose.
We’re talking to Mom and Dad.
Cade is playing on the floor.
Nephews 1 and 2 are outside.
Nephew #1 comes inside and gleefully announces that Nephew #2 crapped his pants.
My mom sighs in exasperation.
My dad laughs.
Brandon laughs.
My anxiety rises.
I start to cry.
We eat chocolate cake. I have a big piece because I know I’m going to be sick anyway.
We get in the car to drive home.
I start to cry again.
Brandon laughs.
I punch him.
We get home.
Tummy very sick.
I feel like I’m going to crap my pants (but don’t.)
I sleep.
Am very glad this night is over.


tawny said...

Oh girl! What a night. hope you no crappy your chocolate cake!

p.s come to thrillin tomorrow, i'm in charge, kids love it, good times I tell ya...


lisalisa said...

wow, that sound awful (and Xanax-worthy)! I'm glad you made it through.

Great, now i'm thinking about chocolate cake :).

Telstaar said...

:( *hugs* what can anyone say after a shocking night like that?

*more hugs* xoxo

Laur said...

wow, what a night. I think its great that Brandon just laughts. I love that!

Pattie Cordova said...

BUT how delicious was the cake?

Brooke said...

Hmmm.....who is nephew 1 and 2? I'm curious because we have sooooo many? Crazy!

I love how the men laugh because they don't have to deal with the crap. BTW, Nephew #2 ended up pooping in the potty more than in his pants.....he he (mom said)

Sorry about your anxiety. Hope the myseterious nephews didn't contribute tooooo much to it.

Glad Bran is there to keep you laughing :)

Tanya said...

Oh dear. That does not sound like a fun night at all. I hope you feel better real soon. Hugs.

Tiffany said...

Sorry you had such an awful evening...but hey now you're got the rest of us thinking of chocolate cake!

Cammy said...

Yikes. Angry tummies are no fun. And I seriously think that men's awkward laughter increases in proportion to the number of Y chromosomes present in the room.

I hope that today is off to a better start. <3

Laura said...

sounds like fun..and I am not even jealous that you have family so close by to have dinners, and birthdays and witness nephews crapping in their pants.
chin up B..go to thrillin..I am coming...we'll have a blast