Sunday, August 5, 2012


I am blogging from my phone while sitting at work, watching the little adolescent chickies sleep.

I just wanted to take a second to reflect on the good. My last few posts have been sad and negative. And that's not me. Yes, I feel that way sometimes, but inherently, that's just not me.

So, here are a few things that are good in my life:

1. Being able to celebrate Cade and Mila's birthday. A separate post to come, but it was so much fun.

2. Boost Plus. Because you know what? It's helping me gain weight, and that's a gooood thing! Tastes like a half melted milkshake going down though; ├╝ber thick. :(

3. Our house! It is hard to be excited sometimes that we are moving because right now there is so much stress and drama surrounding it, but when this is all over, it's going to be amazing and all this will have totally been worth it. Last night we bought furniture for the living room and master retreat, and it's going to look good. :) Next up? A sofa and bedroom furniture! We are hoping to move in by next week. And I'd love your prayers and/or good vibes that this can happen.

So that's that. :) Wanted to start off my morning with a happy post. Hope this works from my phone! Loves y'all.

Not sure how to post pics from my phone, so this'll be an experiment...


Lou said...

Great to hear you have some happy amongst the sad :)

simonattic said...

That's a lot of typing on a phone! : )

I'm glad you had time to reflect on the good. I need to do that more often. Thanks for the reminder!

brie said...

taking some time to remember the good is very therapeutic and much needed! <3

katiemacgregor said...

As much as I just want to cry right now (my day SUCKED, & now I have to change litter boxes, ugh) I'm going to give you five. Not push-ups; pieces of gratitude.

OK. Here goes:
1. My therapist Alison. I saw her today & she was dying of the flu, so we drank lemon & ginger tea, grabbed blankets, & I spilled the beans on the sob-story that is my life right now. (It's not that bad...I'm just dramatic sometimes. Except it FEELS that bad...whatever).

2. An old friend from high school donated two HUGE bags of baby clothes to me for my orphanage in Haiti! & they are SWEET clothes. Big brand names, perfect condition. My heart is so happy my babies are going to have snuggly cotton on their skin so very soon!

3. My little brother Andrew arrived home from Canada today. He surprised me by waiting at Billy's school when I went to pick him up. Then he surprised Billy by getting him right from his classroom door before the bell went. Billy cried his little eyes out, sweet boy. Ha.

4. [OK, so ya know what? This is kinda fun! Two more]. Andrew bought me a really great, warm sweatshirt. I am wearing it now. It feels like a great big hug.

5. It could be worse. Two litter trays aren't that bad. IMAGINE if I had 2308 59835 976 cats. That would be a LOT of litter trays. SO i should change these two joyfully. It's my dad who always tells me I should do everything with joy in my heart. Guess whose daddy has never changed a little tray in his life? Yep. Mine. Oh well. I'm done here now!

Sorry for taking up you comments page. You just inspired me :)


Colleen said...

Lots of prayers for you & the fam for move-in time!
I'm glad you were able to pick the good out of the bad ... a change of perspective can do the heart a world of good :)

KC said...