Monday, August 27, 2012

Miss 12 and 13 Months!

I realized I never blogged about Mila's first birthday and 12 month milestones - I was so crazy busy with the house closing and moving; I feel so bad that I forgot!  Well, not really forgot - just had so many other things to do.  :(

Mila turned 13 months today, and she is getting so big and beautiful and hilarious.  A few things about her:

Mila is walking!  I can't believe how fast she did it - she started practicing her walk right at around a year, and by her 13th month she is walking about 90% of the time and loves it.  She still looks like a drunk robot when she walks, and has a wide stance and walks with her arms out, for balance, but she is getting so much better at actually staying upright.  She is walking FAST too, and I wonder where she needs to get in such a hurry!  She is a sweet little busybody.

Mila still has no teeth.  It's funny, because she's still really small for her age, (I'll have 12 month stats in two days when she goes for her checkup) and she has no teeth, so people always assume she's about 6 months or so.  When I correct people and tell them she's actually one, and is walking, nobody can believe it!  I think teeth will be coming in soon, but really, nothing on the horizon yet.  It's sad though because she loves to eat, and I know once her teeth come in she'll love it even more, as now she still has to really sit and gum it around.

Mila is completely off baby food, and eats real human food all the time.  Her favorites are toast with butter, scrambled eggs, cheese, and grapes.  She'll pretty much eat anything we put in front of her though, which is nice to not have a picky child.

Mila is completely sleeping through the night.  We've been at the new house for almost 3 weeks, and in that time, never once have Brandon or I had to go into her bedroom in the middle of the night to give her a bottle - it is SO NICE.  She goes to sleep around 8, and wakes up at 8, with a 2-3 hour nap thrown in the afternoon.  She is sleeping so much better than Cade did at this age, which is fantastic.  I love my sleep and getting enough makes me a much more patient mama during the day!

Mila can say and understand the words "ba ba," "ma ma," and "da da."  She has also once said "kitty" and I'll often point to pictures of Jesus, and now she'll say the very end of his name, "sus."  Kind of sounds like "zussss."  :)  Very cute though.  :)

Mila LOVES her big brother, which is a huge understatement.  She follows him around every where and always wants to be doing what he is doing.  She lights up when he walks in the room and I love how much they love each other. 

Mila still has the bluest eyes in the world and dimples to die for.  She is a petite little thing, but she is strong and healthy.  I love her so much and am so happy she is mine.  Love you little 13 monther!!


ania said...

So adorable. How does Cade feel about her sudden mobility?

Take care.

simonattic said...

What a sweetie! It certainly is marvelous once they sleep through the night! : )

Laur said...

gorgeous ladies!

bri said...

She is so beautiful just like her mama! Call or text me this week or else ill stalk u! Lol i love u!!

Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous, Brie!

Maeve said...

She is so precious! That's great that her love of the new house is making her sleep through the night :)

Penny said...

it is so hard to catch for an instant the essence of your baby. Its like trying to describe a butterfly in flight. So fragile and then its the next age or the next time. I love reading about her and your efforts to doi justice to such a sweet and adorable baby girl. She is worth her little gold shoes fo sure.