Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finding a Routine

Thanks for all the kindness and concern for me lately, guys.  I am doing better.  Much better, actually, and I'll leave it at that for now.

The following pictures are all of my cats in various poses of weirdness in my bathroom.  They are OBSESSED with my bathroom, especially Hairy.  If I ever am wondering where they are, well, I go into my bathroom, and there they are, lounging in the sink or by the sink or on the counter.  It's rather odd. 

And for some reason it makes me laugh like crazy, only I'm not laughing at times like today when I'm actually cleaning my bathroom and am mopping up a ridiculous amount of cat hair.  Geezy.


Things at the new house are finally starting to settle in, and we are getting into a routine.  We wake the kids up at about 8, get Cade ready for school, feed the kids breakfast, then it's off to work for Brandon and I'm off to take Cade to school.  And then while he's there, I clean the house and (hopefully blog) and also watch Criminal Minds if I can squeeze time for an episode in.  :)  And then I plan dinner, worry about the yucky, pre-cooked creepy meat I'm going to have to touch, do it anyway, and then...pick Cade up from school.  :)  And then we run some errands and chill at the house the rest of the day until Daddy comes home from work.

I think the above photo was my favorite.  It was pitch black int he bathroom, and Hairy was just pondering the loveliness of the sink.  Brandon saw her, looked at her, then said, "That's where we're going to put her when we stuff her."  Heh.

Thrown in there on some days are Cade going to his karate classes that he just started, (he goes 4 times a week and it is ADORABLE) driving 40 minutes back to SLC to hang out with friends or sisters or go to work or doc appointments, and, well, I'm staying pretty busy!

I'm also trying my hand a bit at baking, which I've never EVER done before.  So far I can check chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter bars off the list.  Pretty simple, right?  Next, this afternoon I'm tackling banana bread, which I'm nervous for, because I've never EVEN EVER attempted it.  Oh well, we'll see if I have a baker in me...

Anyway.  What I'm trying to say is that in general, right now, things are good.  I am feeling more settled and more at "home" in my new home.  I am starting to get a bit happier.  I am settling well into my role as a mama and housewife that cleans and cooks like crazy, which I never did before, unfortunately.  So, I feel good.  :)

I'm going to try to set aside time every morning to blog, so I am hoping that more regular, "Brie-like" posts will be coming back soon, that are filled with humor and randomosity.  I think regular blogging will help me feel better too; more like myself.

Love ya'll.


Angela and Brett said...

i am dying over that last picture of both your cats lounging on your bathroom counter! Love it. I wanted to try zucchini bread or banana bread sometime soon(maybe GF for brett, Maybe not so I can have an excuse to eat all of it) Let me know if you want a baking partner!!!

brie said...

Ang, let's be baking partners!!! I'll text you. :)

Laur said...

I love the cat pics! My cats loved bathrooms in my past apts. They like this one okay. and I am an awesome baker! I can send you my most ridiculous recipe!

Lou said...

Glad to.hear you are feeling more like brie. Because brie is great :-)

katiemacgregor said...

haha. you said your cats liked the bathroom, & i was like, 'ok, cool.' but then i saw the pics & i'm like 'oh my gosh, they actually really LOVE that bathroom!' so great. love it :)


bri said...

I love this Brie! Makes me so happy! I love u!

simonattic said...

That's kinda creepy how much your cats enjoy your bathroom, lol. Funny too!

Jonny and Haley said...

The cats are hilarious. I am really looking forward to meeting them in person.