Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mila's One Year Stats

Mila went to the doctor today for her 12 month well-child checkup.

She came in at 35th percentile for height, about the same for head size, and is still at a WHOPPING 5th percentile for weight.  At one year old, she weighs 17 pounds.

She's just tiny.  How I made a tiny child, I have no idea, but the doc reassured me several times to not worry, as she is following her own growth curve, so I'm going to just give up and keep stuffing her full of food.

The doc thought it was quite interesting that she didn't have any teeth yet, but told me not to worry quite yet.  When she comes in for her next checkup, if she still doesn't have any teeth, then we'll have to go to a pediatric dentist to make sure she actually HAS them, as apprently some kids are, like, BORN WITHOUT TEETH.  If my child has to gum her way through this life, I will FREAK OUT.

So please, please, send teeth sprouting vibes her way!

I'm not worried...not really...not yet, but c'mon Mila, make some teeth!  I know you are busy growing and walking and learning to talk, but teeth are kind of important, so get on it!


simonattic said...

I had no idea that some kids are born with no teeth in their gums! Holy moly! I'm sure Mila will have some mighty fine choppers in due time. I actually just met a little 16 month old last week who only had 4 teeth. So, I guess it's not too unusual. : )

Ash said...

Your kiddos are so cute!! I cannot believe how big the little man is!! I swear last I saw him he pooped on your carpet... ;) I've heard that the later teeth come in, the stronger and healthier they are so she will have some fine chompers soon.

Amanda P said...

Haha. Some day when she and 2nd cousin Will are playing, he might sit on her an squish he's quite a portly fellow these days.

She's adorable. Glad she's awesome. :)

ania said...

Cade looks so happy in this photograph.