Saturday, July 2, 2011

'Roid Ramifications

(Not to be confused with “rhoid ramifications,” though I have no doubt, from personal experience, that those are quite severe. ;)

I am a complete and utter hot freakin’ mess on these steroids. I’ve spent the past two weeks barely functioning. I cry all the time, over the most insignificant things. I am feeling extremely depressed. I have really low thoughts that I can’t seem to shake. The steroids are contributing to my already pretty severe insomnia. I am getting hot flashes up the wazoo. My hunger/fullness is being affected. I had to get tested for gestational diabetes AGAIN because apparently being on steroids jacks up your blood sugar levels. And, if you’ve ever gotten tested for this, and had to drink that nasty orange drink that cheerfully tries to pretend its soda, but only succeeds in tasting like a half-hearted attempt at over sugary soda mixed with cough syrup, then you’ll feel really bad for me because I’ve had to do it TWICE. Teeeewwwwiiicccce!

Is all of this worth it, just to breathe a little easier? Apparently so, because when I asked my doctor on Thursday if I could possibly get off the steroids, he gave me a big fat NO and shut me down pretty quickly. (Which, of course, made me cry.) Although, he did say that I’m going to have this baby in 3-4 weeks, so if I can just hang on that long, then hopefully I can get off them after that.

So that’s what I’m trying to focus on – that probably this month, this little baby is going to be in my arms. I’m not going to focus on how miserable I feel. I’m going to remember this is all worth it. And, in a few weeks’ time, after I spend a dozen or more hours in labor and am pushing and straining to get this bebe out, and my undercarriage goes through a massive, er, stretching, I’m sure I can indeed write you a post on ‘RHOID RAMIFICATIONS, and hopefully I’ll be off the steroids, so there will be no more ROID RAMIFICATIONS. (!)

Wish me luck. Mama needs all the love I can get.



'Wishing you lots of love and luck! Hang in there! :)You've made it this far.... Keep going... You're almost there! :)

Krista said...

Brie you make me laugh! I really hope you don't have "rhoid" problems later cause they are no fun! It's getting close to d-day are you so freaking excited?

Sarah @ Bearing, Eating, Being said...

Okay, I feel ya! I was just on a round of Prednisone for like the 23432th time due to some asthma issues that flared up while I was in Belize. I freaking HATE Prednisone--it makes me retain water (which makes me feel like I'm getting fat overnight,) sweat like a hog, and feel either SUPER hungry or SUPER full. So yeah. It sucks. But remind yourself that breathing is, well, super important to your little bean who may or may not be named Avery! You're doing the right thing. I'm sorry it is so annoying though!

Lindsay said...

Sheesh that doesn't sound like fun! You're looking gorgeous though, and I'm so excited for you and your cute family!