Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miss Mila is 7 Weeks Old!

I realized I've never done any formal updates for when Mila hits age and growth milestones.  I'm not sure how consistent I'll be, but I thought I'd share a few things about Mila at 7 weeks:

Mila loves to be cuddled.  She immdiately calms down as soon as I pick her up and bring her close to my face and coo or give her kisses.  She definitely knows her mama and I love it!
Mila is starting to lose her hair.  :(  All of her dark, luscious locks I fear are doomed to be shedded.  She still has a fairly decent head of hair, but it's less than she had when she was born, so I'm afraid she's going to lose it all.  She'll still be adorable bald, of course, but I'm still sad about it.
Mila tolerates being bathed, but I feel awful when I put her in the bath because her teeth chatter no matter how much I try to keep her warm...and even for a couple hours afterward, she'll chatter her teeth and quiver her chin just so she can remind me how much she dislikes being naked and cold, and I swear she's just trying to make me feel guilty.  It works.  Poor thing!
Mila is just starting to smile.  It's not consistent enough yet that I can capture it on camera, but several times today when we've smiled at her or played with her, she's just flashed this most beautiful smile.  I can't wait to see it more as she gets older.
Mila is finally starting to get sleep a little better through the night.  A couple nights ago she only woke up once, and she did that for a few nights, before resuming last night to waking up twice - but still, that's better than the 4 or so times she was waking up initially.  I'm getting better about falling asleep while she's breastfeeding - I give her my boob and then usually fall asleep sitting up, with the teat hanging out.  Very classy!
Mila is still quite small.  All of her 0-3 month clothes are still very big on her, and even at 7 weeks, she still fits quite easily in all of her newborn size clothes.  This is shocking to me, because by the time Cade was 7 weeks, he was bigger than she is - but it's all confuzzling because I got so much bigger while pregnant with Mila than with Cade, so I assumed she'd be bigger, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  Weird?
Miss Mila is allllllll about her hands.  They're very important to her!  She is always waving them around and clasping them to her chest or grasping my shirt...but they are a very big deal around here.  ;)
While I do breastfeed Mila the majority of the time, she does get 1-2 bottles everyday.  But, at this point, she much prefers to breastfeed rather than bottle feed.  In fact, I swear my milk puts her into a coma because she is so much calmer while breastfeeding than with a bottle, it's kind of cute.  :)
Mila still sleeps quite a bit, but she is definitely starting to be awake more during the day, and sometimes I'm like, what am I supposed to do with you? -- it's hard getting used to dealing with a newborns demands!  But I love her bright little blue eyes and how inquisitive she is when she's awake; she's always moving her head around and looking at her surroundings.  She's definitely an alert little baby!

Brandon and Cade and I love Mila so much.  It's hard to believe that she's almost 2 months old - the time flies by so fast, but I'm so happy she's here, it's like she's filled this hole in my heart, and my life feels so much more complete with her here.  Sounds cliche and corny, but I mean every word.  I love you Miss Mila!

Mila at 7 weeks.


Brandon said...

Aint no prettier girls than my girls!!!

emo said...

You are such a sweet mommy. That just made me so happy because of how she makes you so happy! Baby girls are the best! She is darling and I want to see her soon.

Shanllleigh said...

so cute!

Cammy said...

She is beautiful! Sounds like such a sweet baby, too. So glad that she is healthy and doing well.

Your mention of her sleep patterns reminded me of an article I read recently about kid's nap needs and how their sleep structure changes over time, thought you might be interested:

allegri said...

she is absolutely adorable! I am glad she is starting to acclimate well. I hope the bathing situation gets better soon. So cute!