Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Brandon!

Yesterday was Brandon's 29th birthday.  When I was trying to think of what we would do for his birthday, I remembered something that I knew I wanted to do that would absolutely tickle Big B.  See, we live near a restaurant called Pistol Pete's.  Since it's near our home, we pass it in the car alllll the time, and despite the fact that we've lived in the area for 2 years, (and me most of my life) we've never eaten at the restaurant.  Every time we pass it and see the sign, Brandon begs me to let us eat there - and I laugh but say NO because girlfriend here is not a fan of trying new restaurants (usually) and prefer to stick to what I know (always).  So, a long time ago, seriously it was probably what?-- a good year ago, Brandon, after telling me he wanted to go to Pistol Pete's AGAIN, and me flatly refusing, he declared, "Okay, but we are going there on my birthday.  That's my only birthday wish - to eat at Pistol Pete's!"  And...every time we've passed it since, which would seriously be at least 5 times a week, he'll say, "PISTOL PETE'S!  WE'RE EATIN' THERE ON MY BIRTHDAY!"  So, if he said that 5 times a week for the past year, that means I heard him say that roughly 260 times this year, and it GOT OLD.

So I gave in.  Yesterday for his birthday, I took him to Pistol Pete's. 
And you know what?  I LOVED IT!!  I feel bad, I should have taken the poor guy there a long time ago for how grateful he was.  Maybe I should try new things more often?  (Pork tacos, get in my belluh!)

Anyway, I love you, Birthday Man.  You make me so happy.  I never laugh more than when I am with you and I love having you come home to me every night.  You are nearly perfect - you'll get there as soon as you start utilizing Facebook so that I can write dirty things on your wall and when you watch ANTM with me.  Other than that, you're The Ideal Man.  :)  I hope you had an awesome birthday, and I can't wait to celebrate many more with you (and eat at Pistol Pete's lots more, too)!

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Stacy said...

fun new food. I can be a little less willing to try new places when i have old places that are SO GOOD. Glad it was yummy.
When you said the name tho I thought you were talking about a pizza chain... we used to go to Pistol Pete's Pizza when I was a kid. I am SURE the Mexican food was much better than the pizza :-)
Happy #29 to your Brandon. I too will be there in a couple months. (freakin old)