Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Pics

Brandon and Cade and Mila and I decided to have a relaxed holiday.  We took a picnic to the park and then I sat with Mila in the shade while Brandon and Cade played soccer.  I then went to the mall and scored on some holiday sales...and picked out this darling dress for Mila (pictured below).  Hope everyone is having a great holiday!  (I am.  :)

I'm sans makeup.  Icky.

PS - my poor baby has a wicked case of baby acne.  Anybody know any remedies?


Telstaar said...

gosh girl! If that is you sans makeup, heaven help all of us! You're gorgeous (and so is yr family!!).

Love you babe xo

Anonymous said...

if youre breastfeeding, it sounds weird...but put a little breastmilk on her face & that should help the acne :)

Sheyenne said...

Gia had the baby acne too. I did the breastmilk thing on her face, and it helped a little. But mostly, I just had to wait it out. It didn't last too terribly long. But never fear, she's still absolutely adorable!!!

t. said...

icky? not even close, brie! you look great. and i'm glad you all enjoyed your relaxed weekend together.